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What a blessing that there are artists in the world!

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JanH Mon 20-Mar-06 10:36:58

BBC News

"I understand we are in a drought. But I am an artist so I'm not actually wasting water for nothing."

(That would be like "I am a laydee!"?)

starlover Mon 20-Mar-06 10:41:08

what a fuckwit

HRHQueenOfQuotes Mon 20-Mar-06 10:42:05

I know it's mad - mind you I can sort of see his point

From a slightly older article

"McGowan criticised Thames Water for their leaking pipes, which result in 915 million litres of water being lost a day, according to regulator Ofwat."

(and it's a correct quote - as I looked it up)

100 million litres in a year v 915 million litres a day.......

(still don't think it's 'art' though)

lucykate Mon 20-Mar-06 10:43:18

, err, yes it is wasting water for nothing!, what an idiot!.

Cadbury Mon 20-Mar-06 10:43:24


lucykate Mon 20-Mar-06 10:45:38

agree about the water boards and leaking pipes, but don't think doing this is a constructive way of making his point

saadia Mon 20-Mar-06 10:54:14

What a moron!!!

TearsBeforeBedtime Mon 20-Mar-06 10:56:19


TinyGang Mon 20-Mar-06 10:57:18

He must be cringing at the use of the word 'stunt' - don't artists like this prefer 'installation' for this kind of thing?

starlover Mon 20-Mar-06 11:01:27

yes but leaking pipes are something they are trying to sort!

there are only so many roads they can dig up and pipes they can replace each year... it's an ongoing problem... but they ARE doing stuff to fix it!

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Mon 20-Mar-06 11:12:15

it is a stunt. It is most definitely not art. I think the guy is deeply misguided. This kind of stuff really pisses me off. if he had any integrity he would use his slightly off-beat imagination to earn an honest living doing publicity work for particular causes/charities, not this self-promoting egotistical claptrap.

spidermama Mon 20-Mar-06 11:19:02

Fighting fire with fire comes to mind.

I can't stand running taps. I hate it when people don't fix dripping taps too.

I'm glad to see someone using art to protest though. I loved him for rolling a monkey nut around London with his nose in protest at student loans.

Blu Mon 20-Mar-06 11:22:08

This guy is a known provocateur - he is disowned by the Live Arts networks, and not recognised as an artist by anyone except himself! He is the guy who was in the nes for apparantly keying people's cars.

Marina Mon 20-Mar-06 11:27:55

Hmm, thanks for that further info blu. I now feel totally comfortable with calling him a tosser and suggesting that lucykate's dh is an artist, not wasteful eejits like him!
(Do have lingering affection for man who shredded entire house contents in a shop window though)

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Mon 20-Mar-06 12:02:17

interesting (and reassuring), Blu. When I think things like I do about people like him I find myself questioning whether I ought to take out a year's subscription to the Telegraph...

piccolamamma Tue 23-May-06 22:12:44

Oh I hadn't seen this before. Very interesting. Probably does fit into one or two categories of sensational postmodernity however I think he could have used casting/sculpture or video imagery to make the same point without wasting 800,000 litres of water (very stupid) though that would have gone against the whole droog school of thought where you make your lamp shade out of light bulbs so that the relationship between the object/art and the idea/function become the same thing etc. etc. too long to bang on about here. Also I realise I am boring anyone who didn't enjoy art history classes.

Good publicity stunt though we're talking about it. Maybe he just wants to stay famous and make some money out of his art? Maybe there should be a new genre called 'selfish art'...............

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