baby dies while breastfeeding!

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helsi Fri 03-Mar-06 17:38:08

I was heartbroken - i was readng one of my MIL magazines and it was just horrific. The mother was feeding the baby (3 days old) who then stopped feeding. She thought he had fallen asleep but he just never woke up.

I never read those sort of maggies - you know the ones where the woman had an affair with her neighbour and then killed the wife and hid her body in the freezer for a year kind of maggies - it will serve me right.

I was crying my eyes out for about an haour!

Wow, did I ever NOT need to hear about that!!

helsi Fri 03-Mar-06 17:41:48

I know its awful - sorry didn't mean to upset you too much. The chances of it are 1 in nearly a million I was just shocked and sad for her.

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