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Paul Dacre at the Leveson Inquiry

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bananaistheanswer Tue 07-Feb-12 00:35:15


I was going to add comment to the other thread I started here at the beginning of the inquiry but purely for the comedy value alone, I felt this warranted it's own, shiney new thread. The above isn't word for word, just the guardian blog, but there are some crackers in there, and I haven't even got to the end.

Did you know, criticism of the Daily Mail stems from a lack of understanding on how journalism works? Next time you see a thread on here quoting the Daily Mail, just remember, we just don't understand how journalism works. Feast your eyes on the pearls of wisdom dished out by the one and only Mr Dacre, and enjoy...

Veritate Fri 30-Nov-12 21:19:22

And Dacre given a thorough kicking by Leveson, I'm glad to see.

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Fri 23-Nov-12 00:13:24

Thought I'd revive this as the report is due next week. Waiting with anticipation.

limitedperiodonly Sat 03-Nov-12 08:03:08

Revived his thread in the light of this

I do not understand why no police officer is facing criminal charges or severe disciplinary procedures over the bungling of the Milly Dowler investigation which led to her and her family being smeared and the deaths and injuries of other girls.

That's for police work that was incompetently done. It's aside from individual officers' arrangements with NI and other newsgroups which should be subject to other proceedings.

The Surrey Force had the cheek to try to cloak itself in glory after the conviction of Levi Bellfield when the lazy bastards should hang their heads in shame.

PerspectiveUrgentlyRequired Tue 24-Jul-12 13:23:53

Took me ages to find this. Just wanted to add a mwahahahahahahahaaaaa!

That is all. grin

limitedperiodonly Thu 05-Jul-12 11:58:13

I don't mean the European Court is necessarily clueless btw

I imagine they will be professional enough to put all the trashings in our press aside when it comes to considering Mulcaire's case grin

limitedperiodonly Thu 05-Jul-12 11:55:51

Two NHS employees arrested in Somerset this morning by police investigating inappropriate payments to public officials.

I wonder which poor sod has had his or her medical records stolen by the papers this time?

limitedperiodonly Thu 05-Jul-12 07:14:36

Another one arrested this morning under Operation Weeting.

And Glenn Mulcaire losing his appeal at the Supreme Court yesterday against revealing just who at NI paid him to spy on people.

He's thinking of going to the European Court of Human Rights. Hilarious that NI expect clueless Brussels judges to ride to their rescue.

BlackOutTheSun Sun 17-Jun-12 21:31:38

BlackOutTheSun Sun 17-Jun-12 21:31:12

Its sometimes on the red button


ladysoandso Thu 14-Jun-12 15:54:18

I've watched it on other days on BBC parliament tv - Im sure cameron will be on there but it's coming to an end now.

SerialKipper Thu 14-Jun-12 14:45:30

Thanks, MrGin. But also Darn, was hoping it was on a TV channel so I could live-pause as convenient.

I dunno, imagine having to actually, you know, watch stuff live. Don't know how we ever coped...

MrGin Thu 14-Jun-12 14:39:58



SerialKipper Thu 14-Jun-12 13:59:16

Yikes, what channel are you guys on?

I'm more than a week behind on the website streaming but I'd like to catch some of today live without breaking the internet - think the site was struggling a bit earlier!

(And my first try at that sentence read "I'd like to catch toady live..." grin)

MrGin Thu 14-Jun-12 13:33:50

Really gets my goat when you hear some of these people saying it's ridiculous for people to think there is a grand conspiracy....

Right or wrong people think for fairly clear reasons.... cosy relations between PM and Rebecca Brooks, Andy Coulson as press secretary, senior met officers cosy relations with NI, complete failure to investigate hacking claims... it just goes on and on and bloody on !

IDontRecall Thu 14-Jun-12 13:17:37

Shame they have stoped for lunch, Dave was looking like he was about to lose his rag

bananaistheanswer Thu 14-Jun-12 13:15:51

Here's that text in full

'But seriously I do understand the issue with the Times. Let's discuss over country supper soon. On the party it was because I had asked a number of NI [News International] people to Manchester post endorsement and they were disappointed not to see you. But as always Sam was wonderful (and I thought it was OE's [Old Etonians] were charm personfied!) I am so rooting for you tomorrow not just as a proud friend but because professionally we're definitely in this together! Speech of your life? Yes he Cam'

Limited you have got it spot on with this she's a shameless toady who knows how to deal with a vain man. Simple but effective.

The truth laid bare. smile

IDontRecall Thu 14-Jun-12 12:55:14

Limited - Whats that?

He is very, very red now thinking of changing the colour contrast on my telly

limitedperiodonly Thu 14-Jun-12 12:51:29

Of course it's just you. Everyone deserves a second chance. wink

I'm very impressed so far. I'm glad to have to take back what I said last night.

I wonder if it's part of Leveson's remit to allow Jay to probe into how the Coulson family managed in a £1 million+ house with three children at private school and the various other trappings of a well-paid lifestyle after taking such a drastic drop in salary?

slug Thu 14-Jun-12 12:49:02

He's up to the Coulson Klaxon colour on the chart

bananaistheanswer Thu 14-Jun-12 12:42:34

Is it just me or is shineydave looking particularly shifty being asked about Coulson? hmm

IDontRecall Thu 14-Jun-12 12:26:04

Not sure but it was the headline of the sun paper when NI decided to support the Tory's the day after the text was sent

Buddhastic Thu 14-Jun-12 12:23:40

Is that not from Obamas campaign and it's changed from can to Cam.

IDontRecall Thu 14-Jun-12 12:18:33

Text message from Brooks to Cameron in 2009

I am so rooting for you tomorrow not just as a proud friend but because professionally we're definitely in this together! Speech of your life! Yes he Cam!

Wonder what that means?

bananaistheanswer Thu 14-Jun-12 12:13:52

I'm about 8 mins behind, been rewinding trying to catch some of the nuances being said. Looking forward to that bit!

bananaistheanswer Thu 14-Jun-12 12:12:36

Very interesting isn't it? Trying to distance himself from the impact that the Sun headline was intended to have in it's timing, to the benefit of his party, the thing he seemed to invest so much time and effort in bringing about. hmm

It's fascinating watching him squirm.

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