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Edward and Sophie's baby

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LucieB Thu 13-Nov-03 11:01:10

Anyone else think its a bit odd that mother and baby still haven't been reunited. Apparently the baby was delivered by c-section on Saturday and Sophie still hasn't been to St George's to see her, despite the press saying that both mother and daughter are doing well. If mother is doing well, why haven't they transferred her to George's to be near her daughter, or vice versa. All a bit strange....

Twinkie Thu 13-Nov-03 11:03:24

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Thu 13-Nov-03 11:04:00

Poor thing

mears Thu 13-Nov-03 11:04:44

I would agree that there is something up. I would think that Sophie has been pretty unwell and is unfit for transfer. Baby must be requiring some kind of care otherwise she sould have been transferred back to be with mum.

Northerner Thu 13-Nov-03 11:07:07

Fingers crossed everything works out for them both.

LIZS Thu 13-Nov-03 11:27:36

Wasn't Sophie originally expected to leave hospital today ? Presumably there will be a bulletin if she doesn't. It does seem slightly strange and sad that they haven't been reunited yet.

WSM Thu 13-Nov-03 11:28:34

It sounds awful, things like this remind me how fortunate I was with my birth. I really hope things take a turn for the better soon.

Northerner Thu 13-Nov-03 11:28:41

And is there still no name?

CountessDracula Thu 13-Nov-03 11:30:17

I can completely understand why there is no name. We didn't choose one for dd until I was off the morphine (several days) or she would prob have been called Ermintrude or something!

crystaltips Thu 13-Nov-03 11:31:44

What's wrong with Ermintrude CD ?

CountessDracula Thu 13-Nov-03 11:32:25

Nothing if you are on acid (or morphine)

Will ROFL if new royal baby called Ermintrude now!

crystaltips Thu 13-Nov-03 11:40:37

Lady FLorence Ermintrude Mountbatten !!
Shades of the Magic Roundabout

LucieB Thu 13-Nov-03 11:59:16

Lets hope they are reunited soon. There must be something wrong that is delaying things.
You are right, it does make you realise how lucky you are when things go well. Am sure all the doctors, midwives and nurses are taking good care of them both. George's is supposed to have an excellent special care baby unit.

madgirl Thu 13-Nov-03 12:05:14

and practically no coverage of this in the papers - v unusual for the tabloids - wonder if they have agreed to stay quiet because situation was worse than they are letting on. ds born at st.georges!

SoupDragon Thu 13-Nov-03 12:15:51

One of the reports originally said that Sophie would be in hospital "for the foreseeable future". This seemed to be changed to "4 or 5 days" in subsequent reports.

Jimjams Thu 13-Nov-03 12:17:10

I did read (on the BBC website I think) that there was a cock up and following a 999 call the ambulance tok 30 minutes to reach Sophie. If it was a placental abruption I would imagine she could have lost a lot of blood in that time). I also thought it was very strange that it has been so quiet- sounds quite serious to me. Poor Sophie has had a hard time of pregnancy/birth. Hope we hear some good news soon. Awful for anyone.

pupuce Thu 13-Nov-03 12:27:49

They had called the police at 9PM, the ambulance only arrived at some 9:35 (because of the cock up) or so.... then transfer and all.... presumably arrived in hospital bed at 10PM and baby was born less than an hour later. I bet she had a general aneasthetic and serious blood loss. And clearly she had a REAL emergency ceasarean section.
It is unusual to have so little news isn't it?

oliveoil Thu 13-Nov-03 12:50:02

I had an emergency c and a g/a but was up and about the next day. Agree she must be a lot worse then they are letting on. Hope she is ok. Imagine not being able to see your baby

CountessDracula Thu 13-Nov-03 12:52:57

Really Oliveoil. I has emergency c/s and 10 litre blood transfusion and 9 hour GA and was totally away with the fairies for about 3 or 4 days. Was in intensive care for a day and then HDU for another 2 days and was feeling decidedly crap for at least 2 weeks so am not surprised Sophie hasn't moved. I hope the baby is ok.

codswallop Thu 13-Nov-03 12:53:41

still no name?

oliveoil Thu 13-Nov-03 12:58:13

I wasn't being competitive CD . Just saying that if it was as 'straight forward' as mine was, she would be up and about.

CountessDracula Thu 13-Nov-03 13:02:28

Oliveoil I WASN'T being competitive!!!!! (i take it that was a joke)

Just saying that if she has lost blood and had surgery I'm not surprised she isn't up and about!

janh Thu 13-Nov-03 13:04:13

CD, where was your baby while all this was going on? I mean did you know or care, while you were away with the fairies? Maybe if Sophie is that poorly there's no point in moving the baby to be with her, but the baby is fine herself?

Agree that it's odd that there is no coverage. Hope it all turns out all right. It has been a long time. (Feel rotten now for cynical media manipulation suggestion earlier )

oliveoil Thu 13-Nov-03 13:04:29

Oh, I imagined you with arms folded going 'really, oliveoil, well let me tell you missy'.

I shall withdraw my and replace it with a

CountessDracula Thu 13-Nov-03 13:08:32

My baby was with DH/my and his family while I was in intensive care. My dad took photos of her and brought them in to show me as she wasn't allowed in (I had already seen her but not held her as had emerg. c/s under epidural but then had to have GA when bleeding got out of control)

When they took me down to HDU I think she was in a cot next to me but I can't really remember, dh had her a lot of the time, and the HDU nurses looked after her too. I couldn't hold her for 3 or 4 days as it was too painful and I had drips in both arms, both hands and neck + cathether so it was all a bit tangly. DH would hold her right up to me but that was as close as it got. It was very upsetting not being able to hold my baby.

I should imagine if Sophie is too ill to be moved in an ambulance that she is on morphine and won't know too much. Poor girl

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