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peppa pig makes children naughty

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medjool Mon 09-Jan-12 01:47:19


Kellamity Tue 10-Jan-12 22:27:56

I love Peppa and The Koala Brothers and Curious George!

The best tv programme has got to be Diddy Dick and Dom - is that wrong?

HavePatience Tue 10-Jan-12 22:40:53

Suzi2 I agree about nanny plum! I love the witch episode. Nanny plum's humour is fantastic smile

But yes, love pp, too.

HavePatience Tue 10-Jan-12 22:48:13

Actually I also prefer Ben and holly because they are twice as long wink

marge2 Wed 11-Jan-12 12:36:55

I LOVE Peppa. I really miss her and George now my sons are big and don't like her any more. If you don't like Peppa you wait til they get into Kevin 11.

toovey40 Wed 11-Jan-12 13:58:16

I love peppa and george i stop everything to watch this with my 3 yr old he knows some episodes off by heart . cant believe some people actually think a childs programme can MAKE their children naughty ignore the bad behaviour embrace and encourage the good . jump in those muddy puddles i know i like to thats what washing machines were meant for

goodasgold Wed 11-Jan-12 23:05:36

I don't think that Peppa Pig makes my dc 'naughty' I just don't like the language used in it. So we don't watch it anymore. No big deal.

CallumMsMummy Fri 13-Jan-12 08:59:06

I can't get over how ridiculous this idea is. Yes your child may copy something they've heard on tv but you cannot blame it for "naughty" behaviour. Most children will refuse food at some point, they've been doing it long before Peppa Pig was invented and most children would choose chocolate cake over salad any day. As other people have said, George eats the vegetables in the end anyway. And you cannot possibly tell me that the only place your child will learn the word "yuck" from is this programme. My son says it because I taught him it when he tried to put some thing he picked up off the floor into his mouth. I don't understand why a child having a best friend is such a problem, I had one all the way through primary school and we're still friends now. Jumping in muddy puddles is not naughty, it's educational. They say please and thank you and have minor tantrums or disagreements like any child that are resolved by saying sorry. My child has learnt all sorts of words and concepts that are above and beyond the average for an 18 month old. If you don't like it don't put it on for your children but as a parent you should be able to explain that whilst Peppa may behave in a certain way, it's not how you expect them to behave... or maybe that she's a talking pig and isn't real. Are they not going to see "naughty" children at school/ at the park etc?

prozacpopsie Fri 13-Jan-12 12:22:17

Daily Main in middle-class angst moral rant (snore). Daily Mail steals thread from Mumsnet (again) on slow news day (snore).

I heard that Hitler used to watch Peppa Pig. It's true. The Daily Mail said it.

My fave PP episode is where Daddy Pig 'finds' the ducks in the fog, by falling into the pond. Peppa says well done (or something) and Daddy Pig says, dripping with sarcasm, "Yes, what a stroke of luck". This phrase has entered our household lexicon - we couldn't live without it.

What bothers me about the DM (among many other things) is that they end up blaming parents for doing something (anything). Could they just give us a bluddy break? We're doing our best and kids act up - that's their job, get over it.

Gigondas Fri 13-Jan-12 12:24:51

Daily mail journos may want to stop surfing mumsnet/other sites/twitter for stories.
Fair enough sometimes you get same story across the media but mail doesn't seem to bother putting any kind of interpretation/research on it.

HavePatience Fri 13-Jan-12 15:28:17

I'm just curious goodasgold as to what language you didn't like?

KTsmum Fri 13-Jan-12 22:26:35

Generally I think you could do a lot worse than PP, but a few things do drive me nuts, a few of which have been mentioned before - the best friend thing, the jumping in muddy puddles (though to be fair we all shout "you must wear your boots!!") and the blowing raspberries... ooh, it drives me nuts!

Ode2Joy Sat 14-Jan-12 13:26:17

I don't let my kids watch PP mainly because in every episode daddy pig is seen to be a buffoon, always followed by a scathing 'silly daddy' by the rest of the family : @

goodasgold Sun 15-Jan-12 19:08:16

HavePatience The final straw was where they are stuck on the boat and Grandad Pig calls the parrot a 'silly old bird'. The parrot then repeats this a lot.

HavePatience Mon 16-Jan-12 07:57:19

I haven't seen that one. I'm also not originally from the UK. Is silly a naughty word here? confusedblush

stookie Wed 18-Jan-12 16:07:21

Wow.. you guys have been forced to watch too much children's TV i think. Do you really think that Peppa Pig makes kids naughty? if it was a pig who did acted like a robot who did nothing funny or naughty I'm sure you would all be here talking about - Peppa Pig is not like any little girl i know, she should be naughty and more entertaining to kids. NO?

stookie Wed 18-Jan-12 16:08:08

I think Hitler was Peppa Pig

Emmielu Sat 21-Jan-12 20:22:01

I think my dad, brother & sisters boyfriend are making DD naughty. She's always going on about farts burps bums poops wee pants. Don't get me started on the songs!!

Mummyof4angels Thu 26-Jan-12 12:49:06

I was in absolute shock when i heard this on TV! Parents that like to blame anything and anyone on their naughty child's behaviour? -I have one thing to say- Don't have it on TV then!!!! Get your lazy asses off chat sites like this and manage what your child watches! END OF! Peppa Pig is a fantastic child's programme I even get into it myself! Parents that blame TV/others really need to look in the mirror! I have 4 children and always manage what my children watch. Maybe also these parents don't understand their own children!- Children of all ages love splashing in muddy puddles whether they watch Peppa or not and part of child hood is to test and learn what we can and can't get away with in life!!!- These parents that "blame" must have had a very harsh/ boring/ serious/ deprived up bringing. Or maybe they just have nothing better to do with their time! Get a job! Complete sad acts! Or if you don't like the world we live in don't have any more kids! -simples- :p

Mummyof4angels Thu 26-Jan-12 12:54:23

Sorry i think my message has gone on the wrong thread :s ooops lol there was a similar discussion with parents but they were really putting pp down i'll go and hide now lol...........

marieantionette97 Mon 05-Nov-12 00:30:41

babez chill your farms, its a tv show, go get a life peace nigz ex oh ex oh gossip gurl

SkipTheLightFanjango Mon 05-Nov-12 00:42:07

marieantoinette97 take a chill pill..thread ended in January. smile

cory Mon 05-Nov-12 08:59:11

We didn't even have a telly when dd was little, so clearly she must have been a very well behaved child, never jumped in muddy puddles and never, ever answered back ... hmm

In fact, such behaviour did not exist before 2004, the age group in question being referred to in general parlance as the Deferential Two's and the Submissive Three's.

thunksheadontable Tue 06-Nov-12 08:39:20

I haven't read the whole thread and can see it's an old one but I do wonder a bit. Isn't there some study about "relational aggression" being picked up on in these shows? I like lots of Peppa but I do hate the way she says things are BOOOORING so much e.g. "you can make up any story as long as it's not BOOOORING" - ds started using this word a lot after watching Peppa and it's not an attitude I like in a 2 year old!

Love the muddy puddles though. We had half-term in Wales and there were the most glorious ones and we all had our wellies and had a great time jumping in them!

HipHopOpotomus Tue 06-Nov-12 14:38:17

Zombie thread!

I take it no child ever said YUK! independently pre-PP?

georgeanna Wed 02-Jan-13 15:07:30

My toddlers name is George - I have been amazed at the amount of other children, usually slightly older and girls that have shouted at him "NO GEORGE! etc etc..." in a pretty horrible voice . I began to realise they were mimicking Peppa pig and the way that she treats her younger brother.
This has been a bit of a shame.

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