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Breast implants manufactured by PIP may be a health risk...

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perceptionreality Wed 21-Dec-11 10:26:27

I have implants but I don't think they were manufactured by this company. I've heard a report on the radio this morning which says there is a concern these implants may leak and reprsent a breast cancer risk.

sailorsgal Wed 21-Dec-11 14:53:39

In France they are recommending women with this particular implant to have them removed. The advice is different here but speak to your doctor if you are concerned.

They were talking about this on Jeremy Vine at lunchtime. You could probably listen to it on BBC Iplayer.

philbee Fri 23-Dec-11 16:54:44

I'm quite shocked at the fact that no one seems interested in prosecuting the people who worked for PIP and made the decisions actually. They evidently knew they were using non medical silicone so at the very least it hadn't been tested for implants and at the worst it was harmful. How is it that the talk is all about how they can't be sued because they've gone out of business? Surely there must be some accountability if you are manufacturing medical devices!

perceptionreality Fri 23-Dec-11 18:41:56

I thought this too. It also seems very unfair that people have got to pay to have them removed when they paid in the first place for a service they thought they could trust!

cheekychubster Fri 23-Dec-11 18:51:44

Perception, have you established what implants you have?

I have emailed the clinic i had mine done at and they dont keep info over 10 years old and unfortunately i fall just a bit over that.

They are going to do some digging around on my behalf and get the surgeon to contact me in the new yearconfused

I dont think i trust the uk health organisations to be honest with us.

perceptionreality Fri 23-Dec-11 18:57:32

No, my surgeon was very fussy about his procedure because he was proud of his low incidence of capsular contracture (2%). He also had a great reputation and did breast reconstructions for women who'd had mastectomys so I did trust him.

I have no idea what bearing this has but I did avoid companies like Transform. I had my BA about 5 years ago...

cheekychubster Fri 23-Dec-11 19:17:45

I also avoided the more comercially active clinics and thought i'd researched wellsad
I am suprised that all of these clinics that have potentially put thousands of women at risk according to the French are not being slightly more vocal in questioning the British approach.
Maybe they are all far more concerned with patients taking legal action against them personally for inserting a non regulated product into unsuspecting women and charging upwards of 4000 for the pleasure confused Surely individual surgeons are responsible for the products they use.
I am suprised that the British media are giving it any time to be honest.

perceptionreality Fri 23-Dec-11 19:28:45

I was immediately put off the more commercial clinics because I got the distinct impression they didn't particularly care what they were doing and the surgeon only worked here for 6 months of the year. I am fairly sure I was told the brand of implants I had at the time and I'm also fairly sure they were not PIP.

RainbowSheep Sat 24-Dec-11 15:06:21

I had breast implants 8 years ago and they were PIP implants, I'm going to get them replaced asap as a precautionary measure, it is a worry. That said I have never had any problems with them at all.

The company who manufacture them actually went bankrupt a year or so ago so cannot be sued.

jkklpu Sat 24-Dec-11 15:59:27

In fact, Interpol are looking for the boss of the company, so legal proceedings may well result. UK and other countries seem to have recorded different (ie lower) risk levels in their monitoring than France.

Omgomgomgomg Sat 24-Dec-11 16:02:52

Hard to imagine why anyone would say, oh I know they are not surgical approved silicon, but they will be fine. Do people have no sense of responsibility?

That said, I cannot believe tampins are not made of sterile material ( if this is true, not urban myth)

perceptionreality Mon 26-Dec-11 10:25:44

I had mine done with My Breast and they have released a statement saying they have never used PIP implants so I think I can be fairly sure I don't have them.

It annoys me the way these things always come out later though! Some of the clinics like Transform have used PIP and I am glad now that I avoided them.

JodieStantonFisher Wed 23-Apr-14 16:33:59

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