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Watched this last night, wish I hadn't, it has been playing on my mind all day. (disclaimer it has details and photos of animal abuse)

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Twattingcuntybollocks Wed 19-Oct-11 15:11:00

This was local to me, sorry about the source, our local paper has very scarce information about it all

what the local paper has reported

It has upset me terribly (not least as the poor dog look so much like one of my own)
I feel so sad for the dog, but happy he seems to have been rescued. I feel sad that there are vile people out there that do this to living beings. I feel sad that the child in that house has to grow up with parents like this and thinking that this is a normal way to treat animals or anyone TBH. I also feel so sad that the 'Grimsby' mentality has again outed itself. I feel sick to the stomach of this town.

donnie Wed 19-Oct-11 18:48:49

shame there wasn't a disclaimer about your vile user name tbh.

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