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and in other news (though perhaps reated to Steve Jobs)

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NetworkGuy Thu 06-Oct-11 09:48:46

Any views on which parts of the BBC could save money?

I know they plan on no loss of TV channels or radio stations in their entirety, but they do spend an awful amount on (a) infrastructure (eg deciding to move Five Live to Salford, and other building works over the years), (b) they may have some very high salaries at middle and upper management levels (on 100K++ per year... woman who was head of R2 and 6Music had a pension pot of 2.5million, from memory, so high pay in post, major pension afterwards)... (and not forgetting lots of 'communications' job titles at exec level) and (c) they still bid for Sport and perhaps waste cash that way...

My quip about not being entirely unrelated to Steve Jobs/Apple is because of the apparent 'love' of most things Apple by the BBC staffers. They might seem unbiassed but you don't hear mention of Blackberrys, or other MP3 players, and I'd love to know how much has been spent on Apple vs other computer suppliers. Maybe time for a Freedom of Information query!

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