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Official FEMA videographer's disturbing revelations on 9/11/2001

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Hummingbirds Sat 10-Sep-11 23:30:15

It is a story that could have been penned by Frederick Forsyth; yet the media maintain an eerie silence on the first U.S. Government official with direct exposure to the events surrounding 9/11 to blow the whistle.

As official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, where he spent an entire month filming: "What I saw at certain moments and in certain places ... is very disturbing!" He never handed his 29 tapes over to the authorities and has been persecuted ever since. Kurt Sonnenfeld lives in exile in Argentina.

Read an interview with him: 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public
(Also available here.)

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 11-Sep-11 08:16:30

Wo-hoo! Just what we need today, a conspiracy theorist....

Hummingbirds Sun 11-Sep-11 23:38:00

CogitoErgoSometimes --
So how do you explain what Kurt Sonnenfeld (who had worked for years on top-secret missions for the US government) witnessed as he filmed the WTC site for the US government?

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 12-Sep-11 07:07:01

I don't have to explain anything. However, given that there is no-one on earth that knows what the debris from two airliners hitting two skyscrapers should or shouldn't look like, I think Mr Sonnenfeld is probably guilty of taking what he saw and jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Hummingbirds Mon 12-Sep-11 12:44:32

From your answer it is obvious you haven't read the interview with Kurt Sonnenfeld. You don't even know what he saw, do you?

BadgersPaws Mon 12-Sep-11 13:06:25

In short....

Someone claims to have film footage that shows serious flaws in the official explanation behind the 9/11 attacks. He claims that he's faced death threats and kidnap attempts. He could vanish at any moment! So of course his first move would be to get that valuable film out into the public realm! He would want to make sure that the truth was out there!

Well that's what you would expect.

But that's not what's happened.

The film hasn't been released, he's wanted in connection with the death of his first wife and has fled to South America.

But maybe he can't publish anything! Maybe the super secret US spies have his public voice all locked down!

Oh, no, not at all, he published a book a few years ago and still managed to avoid releasing all this other "super proof" he claims to have.

So if he's telling the truth he's actually a pretty horrendous person, to have sat on this stuff for a decade.

Or he's just making it all up and doesn't want to end up answering the questions about how his wife died.

Disputandum Mon 12-Sep-11 13:13:48

For balance, this link to screw loose change is less sympathetic.

It seems to boil down to 'man wanted for murder claims it's all a conspiracy because he knows top secret stuff'.

Hummingbirds Mon 12-Sep-11 18:42:20

BadgersPaws, what you wrote is simply not true. Kurt Sonnenfeld's footage is available to view on Youtube.

So I take it none of you has read the interview with Kurt Sonnenfeld? No one care to offer an explanation -- why did FEMA set up headquarters at the WTC site on September 10th, 2001?

As for the attempts to frame him and kidnap him: you can see for yourself the man hiding in the bushes here -
Sonnenfeld and his family are frequently harassed, followed, and photographed, as shown in this photo.

BadgersPaws Mon 12-Sep-11 19:26:53

"Kurt Sonnenfeld's footage is available to view on Youtube."

It's very strongly implied that not all of it is, even that interview says that he "is prepared to submit his material to the close scrutiny of reliable experts." If he'd already released it then there would be nothing for him to actually submit.

He's also said to believe that the US Government wants his footage, once again if he's just released it all that would be utterly irrelevant.

So in my opinion that makes him worse than those he would accuse of covering things up. He says that he knows there was a cover up and that that's wrong. But it's not wrong enough for him to actually release all of his material.

He could do what Bradley Manning did and get it all out there.

He doesn't, that says a lot.

He's using the deaths of thousands of people to try and get away from what must be some very awkward questions. What a vile individual.

"As for the attempts to frame him and kidnap him: you can see for yourself the man hiding in the bushes here -"

Well yes he's probably being watched, he's wanted for his wife's murder! He's a fugitive criminal and strange as it may seem that is reason enough for them to want him back in the States.

Disputandum Mon 12-Sep-11 21:35:42

I've read the interview hummingbirds, and it isn't at all convincing.

Must conspiracy theorists give credence to every nutter that crawls out of the woodwork? Can't they be even a little bit discerning?

And FEMA didn't arrive in New York on 10th September, this is put to bed quite effectively here

Hummingbirds Mon 12-Sep-11 22:44:14

You are clearly desperate to carry on believing the official story, even if it means swallowing massive whopping lies. A court officially concluded that his wife's death was suicide.

What about the fact that his footage -- as seen on Youtube -- clearly shows the pile of dust and rubble that remained of the three WTC towers smouldering furiously and even bursting into flame here and there? Where was all this massive heat coming from?

Have you actually seen the footage?

Hummingbirds Mon 12-Sep-11 22:51:02

On second thoughts, don't bother. After all, you already know a priori that everything is fine, our governments would never lie to us or carry out heinous crimes. Doesn't matter that bin Laden swiftly issued a denial (why wasn't that reported by our media, I wonder?); doesn't matter that his so-called "confession video" was certified a fake. Go on swallowing swallowing swallowing everything your nice, kind governments feed you smile and go back to sleep.

ColonelBrandon Mon 12-Sep-11 22:53:59

Er, how about anything highly combustible...2 planes with a full fuel load? Plus all other combustible fluids and gases in the buildings. You see this time and time again with factory fires which can take over a week to damp down.

Kormachameleon Mon 12-Sep-11 23:13:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SansaLannister Mon 12-Sep-11 23:15:38

I still think it was the leprachauns.

BadgersPaws Mon 12-Sep-11 23:18:46

"You are clearly desperate to carry on believing the official story"

No, no I'm not actually, I do believe that the official story does have some holes in it. But perhaps that's what you need to believe in order to justify your faith in this fool.

"A court officially concluded that his wife's death was suicide."

Which court? The closest to this that I know of is that the Argentinian courts refused to extradite him, but that was because of the penalty he faced and not any view on what happened.

As of August 2010 he was still peddling the story that he had something else and was looking for experts to review it. If he genuinely had something give me one reason why he wouldn't release it?

Either he's got nothing and is using the deaths of 1000s of people to get away with killing his wife.

Or he's got something, but is holding it back in order to try and strike some deal with the US Government. In which case he's an even more loathsome example of humanity than those who are involved in any cover ups. At least they have the excuse that they think they're doing the right thing. This leach claims to know that it was wrong, but would be willing to let it remain untold in order to save his own hide.

Wikileaks shows how to get data out there and how to get it in front of the right people.

If Governments really wanted to cover anything up this idiot is making their life easier. He's providing an obvious target to "prove" that the "truthers" are misleading fool and letting those who do manage to side step reality and believe him be distracted into looking in the wrong place.

There are some genuine questions about 9/11 but don't waste your time on this idiot.

meditrina Mon 12-Sep-11 23:24:11

He's had a decade to put the total material in front of experts. He hasn't found any in that time? With the global reach of the Internet? That beggars belief.

Or perhaps he cannot find experts who would give it credence because it is not credible?

Set against that are numerous, evidenced, accounts which are credible.

Disputandum Tue 13-Sep-11 00:21:22

Hummingbirds - suicide? You are aware that the charges have been refiled after his cellmates admitted that he had confessed his wife's murder to them?

Sometimes the most obvious explanation (murdering, drug addicted, attention seeking loon telling a pack of lies) is the truth.

Hummingbirds Wed 14-Sep-11 00:00:51

Kormachameleon --
It is disrespectful to murder victims to want to know who murdered them? REALLY?? Since when???

differentnameforthis Wed 14-Sep-11 02:51:50

The man in the bushes isn't actually hidingvery well, is he?

Maybe he was just photographing something else. If he is that worried about the stalking, attempts to kidnap etc why is he being so blatant as to be having his pic taken in public?

differentnameforthis Wed 14-Sep-11 03:15:21

Why do people believe the conspiracy theorists? Is is that they cannot bare to think that there is a set of people out there who would be so rotten as to want to kill 1000s of innocent people by flying passenger planes into hugely populated buildings, unless they are the Government.

They simply don't like to think that there is that level of organised evil in this world, unless it comes from a Gov with an ulterior motive?

I can't believe that, if it was the all those involved haven't cracked in the last all those who live their lives have never told a single soul about the conspiracy or gone mad through guilt! Or how documents have never been found....

It reminds me of a film I saw where the narrator was telling us that any witnesses to the true events of 9/11 have been dying through natural causes, suicides etc. How one guy died in a head on, two train (both commuter trains) a huge crash was engineered & many others died, just to kill one man? Or how a light plane crashed killing another (also killing the pilot & other innocents)!!

Like someone said before, we don't know what debris would be left over after a plane crashed into a high rise such as the Twin Towers, because no one has ever flown a Boeing into a high rise such as the Twin Towers, before! This was a first.

NO one would know what would be left over, how the towers would collapse, how many fires would rage etc, because IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. There is NOTHING to compare it to, and some guy on the run, thinking that there are anomalies is just clutching at straws, because along with the rest of us, he would not have any clue what would/wouldn't be left because he would nothing to compare it to.

FWIW, there were many lift shafts in the buildings, lifts that operate off machinery that would have the potential to cause fires, there would have been fires raging below where the planes struck, there was LOTS of flammable office furniture, there would have been flammables, gasses, a gas supply, an electricity supply, we all know how fire spreads like, well there are 1000s of things that would have caused fires to burn long after the collapse, as there would be in any building. Or do you want us all to believe that building as huge as that would fall without fire? Without sparks?

LaLaLaLayla Wed 14-Sep-11 03:25:27

So Hummingbirds, what do you think happened? And why?

BadgersPaws Wed 14-Sep-11 09:16:07

"It is disrespectful to murder victims to want to know who murdered them?"

If you want to know who murdered the victims on 9/11 then why on earth are you flagging up this man? He claims to know but has spent the last decade refusing to release all the footage instead making silly noises about needing experts to review it.

Funny how since the very high profile of Wikileaks this nasty little man has kept a very low profile. And Wikileaks demonstrates exactly how people who genuinely do possess proof of Government deception act.

If you have evidence that the Government has been lying and is accountable for the deaths of thousands of people do you:

A) Release the information onto the internet where it can never be stopped and the right experts can see it no matter what the Government will do to you.


B) Run to South America and make continual noises about having "proof" and yet even after ten years still refuse to release it.

Hummingbirds Fri 16-Sep-11 00:49:50

LaLaLaLayla --
What do I think happened? What do you think happened? Do you genuinely think this is what happened?
Official Version of 9/11 (transcript here)

LaLaLaLayla Fri 16-Sep-11 03:20:37

Well, I think it was a terrorist attack. I have my doubts about WTC 7 and don't believe Silverstein's explanation of the "pull it" comment, but beyond that, I don't think it was a conspiracy, no.

How about you? I think if you are going to claim that there was a 'conspiracy', you should at least say what you think happened.

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