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NHS in peril this week

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HelenElisa Mon 05-Sep-11 10:33:59

NHS: Not for you, but for profit

There is a choice of the heart of the Governments Health and Social Care bill which starts going through Parliament today. It?s not the choice you think it is. Under the idea of providing choice for the NHS, the current Government is allowing competition from both private health providers with the NHS.

This means that private companies, for the first time, will have the ability to bid for work which the NHS normally does. This is a new and unique opportunity for them. The private providers will bid for work and use a loss leader strategy to make sure their work is cheaper.

There is a mechanism in place to prevent this competition on price alone. But the bill is knowingly flawed, because the health-care companies will, using EU competition law, be able to legally challenge any of the work that is awarded to the NHS. Any of it, from the most simple splinting to complex heart care.

Legal fees alone, fighting these challenges, will cost the NHS millions in cash which should be going on your healthcare. But what is worse is that it will lead to the shrinking, and eventual demise, of the NHS. This is the fundamental ?choice? at the heart of the Health and Social Care bill.

This is, without a doubt, the utter betrayal of your children. The choice we have is: support the bill or not.

These changes are going through Parliament now. Doing nothing will ensure this privatisation happens. Doing something, emailing your MP, making sure that people know this, will help to ensure that your children?s health remains the care of doctors, not insurance companies.

The Lib Dems hold the key. Liberal Democrat MP?s may tell you that if this bill fails, the coalition will fall. What?s more important, you and your family?s healthcare, or their government?

edam Mon 05-Sep-11 14:17:01

There's another thread on this, with lots of posts, in 'In the News'. (I agree with you FWIW.)

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