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Got family in Libya? Come and bite your fingernails with me.

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openerofjars Mon 22-Aug-11 14:23:44

Dsis is a journalist in Tripoli so I am both massively proud of her while simultaneously shitting bricks and wishing she was reporting on the local WI cake sale.

Anyone else got family out there?

ButHeNeverDid Mon 22-Aug-11 16:50:14

Is your sister the Sky reporter?

DH and I were thinking what a fab brave woman she is to reporting from the heart of a trouble spot.

I am sure you dont have much in the way of fingernails left after last night. But she really is doing a very important job and you should be proud.

openerofjars Mon 22-Aug-11 18:05:53

No, it's not her! But she is fab too

Jugglingjemima Tue 23-Aug-11 13:05:17

Do they have internet access there now?

ragged Tue 23-Aug-11 16:42:45

No family there, but is there really no other MN thread about the situation? I am feeling irked at the media who seem to be hovering on tenderhooks because the take over of Tripoli is going so slowly. I want to scream "It's real life, it's not a movie! In real life it takes time to take over a large city and centre of power!"

There... just had to get that off my chest. wink

May the situation be settled quickly, though, Inshallah, to save many lives.

ButHeNeverDid Tue 23-Aug-11 18:53:59

Agree, it's quite extraordinary that there are no other Libya threads. Don't think there is one on Syria either.

openerofjars Wed 24-Aug-11 07:49:00

Not much internet access as far as I know: Dsis is using satellite phone to call DBil at intervals and he's emailing the rest of us.

She has managed to tweet a couple of times but the last one was a few hours ago and her tweets are pretty sporadic and terrifying.

I know what you mean about the pace of change: Bruce Willis is not going to land in Martyrs' Square in a helicopter and sort it all out by the end of the film.

The BBC's correspondent sounded fairly downbeat about life in Tripoli this morning.sad

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