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Diet Book for 6 - 12 year olds!

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Frizzbonce Thu 18-Aug-11 16:25:02

I thought this was some sort of spoof when I read it today's Guardian. But it's true. MAGGIE GOES ON A DIET by Paul Kramer is a 'the story of Maggie, a 14 year old who is transformed from being overweight and insecure to a a normal sized teen who becomes the school hockey star.'

Paul Kramer is the self published author of other such 'classics' as Do Not Dread Wetting the Bed (where Cynthia chases away the 'pee pee' monster) and Louie the Lobster Mobster where presumably a gangster crustacean gets his comeuppance.

Personally I think when we talk about 'banning' books we're on very dangerous ground. And the book isn't out till October so I haven't actually read it. But judging by the cover I'd lay odds on it being a) preachy b) sanctimonious and c) shit. But a diet book for children?!! - the principle is so wrong.

Kayano Sun 21-Aug-11 02:03:00

I live down the street from the obese 8 year old who was nearly taken from his mother a few years ago


Some kids should diet, some should eat more. This doesn't bother me

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