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Support thread for police officers and their families in these riots

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baffledmum Thu 11-Aug-11 19:50:38

Someone else may have started one but I have been struck at how many police officers in this riot have been women.

Living where I do can I send my thanks for all police officers for keeping me and my family safe.

It must be tough on their own families knowing that they are on the front line in these riots. Rather like the army, I know its their / your job and I think you deserve some recognition.

shabbytabby Thu 11-Aug-11 21:55:31

Totally agree with you. And am a little surprised I haven't seen any other threads thanking them. It must be very tough for their families.

SaulGood Thu 11-Aug-11 21:59:25

There is this thread. grin

DH was called at midnight on Monday (we're in East Anglia) and has been down there since. He has been told that he will be there until at least Tuesday. We miss him terrible though dd is awfully proud of him.

Just hoping I don't go into labour while he's down there as atm I can't even contact him.

shabbytabby Thu 11-Aug-11 22:03:18

Thanks Saul. I'll read the other thread. I've a friend whose DH is in the police and it's opened my eyes to a lot....All the best for you this week, you must be counting the hours.

baffledmum Fri 12-Aug-11 20:50:46

Hope your DH is home safely Saul. A big thank you from me!

I searched for a thread on mumsnet thanking police officers across the country but didn't seem to find one, hence my post.

notsohappymummy Fri 12-Aug-11 22:34:44

I would also like to add my thanks

SaulGood Fri 12-Aug-11 23:07:53

Managed a brief chat with dh this evening (he borrowed a phone). They're all exhausted. They've had 16hrs sleep since Monday as they're doing 20hrs on 4hrs off. But he said the public support is overwhelming. People are being lovely to them at what is quite a hard time.

He definitely won't be back until Tuesday at the earliest though. We haven't been apart in 13 years. It's really bloody hard.

BMW6 Fri 12-Aug-11 23:39:35

Have my 100% support xx

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