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Mother with PND killed herself & children - inquest after 4 years

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bacon Fri 05-Aug-11 21:40:36

Absolutely one of the saddest stories I have read in a long time. What I cant understand if the lack of help she received and wasnt sectioned earlier. Just brings to fruition how PND caused by a traumatic birth still isnt addressed and the system failed her. Sure that more CBT, treatment and family help could of saved her and her lovely young boys.

How the father manages to function as must be so painful. Why the inquest took 4 years must of added to his torment.

Having boys of the same age just brings me to tears. I can understand her wanting to end the pain but taking these boys seems so unfair.

TheMonster Sat 06-Aug-11 11:17:14

Poor, poor woman and poor, poor boys. I can't imagine how her husband must feel.

However, I can understand how it can happen. I had an awful pregnancy and very traumatic birth and then suffered severe PND. I was treated awfully, and if it hadn't been for a wonderful DP and the help of an excellent charity (aimed at women, but not specifically parents) that I discovered by chance, I would not be here, and I suspect neither would my son.

bacon Sat 06-Aug-11 22:20:52

I'm till upset now. I'd like to help in some way with a charity or help prevent this ever happening again.

Livedinthelie Sun 07-Aug-11 16:31:12


The association for post natal illness helped me when I suffered severe PND. They are a decent charity and I received help from a woman who had recovered from pnd who acted as a sort of mentor.

I was so ill that I ended up in a mother and Baby unit for 3 months. There was a girl on the unit who was at high risk of suicide, lovely girl, so sad. I never had the courage to get pg again after that experience.

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