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Good news for newborn babies

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Northernlurker Fri 05-Aug-11 08:28:28

here Pulse oximetry has been found to be a useful tool in examining newborn babies and disgnosing cardiac defects.
This is really positive news. My dd2 has a CHD wasn't detected till she was 6 weeks old. Happily she has always remained well and has not as yet required surgery and hopefully never will. However she is an illustration of how easy it is to miss defects when using a stethoscope - newborn hearts are noisy!
I hope this test is implemented nationwide now.

missnevermind Fri 05-Aug-11 09:11:27

I was really pleased to see this on the news too. I have just had DD1 and this is one if the tests they did at Birmingham Heartlands.

Northernlurker Fri 05-Aug-11 17:30:10

Bump for this GOOD news

80sbabe Sat 06-Aug-11 00:31:24

This is fantastic - I have a daughter with a heart defect which was only diagnosed because she was very premature and had an ultrasound as a direct result.
She has had surgery once and will need more in the future but is monitored regularly so hopefully all will be well.
Her problem would have been unlikely to have been picked up otherwise and could have been fatal if it had gone undiagnosed.

I have long believed that all babies should be properly screened for heart defects either by ultrasound or by the pulse oximetry method. It is not expensive and just one life saved is worth it to my mind.
Fingers crossed too that it becomes routine rather than the exception.

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