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John Wittingdale doesn't sound impartial

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bkgirl Fri 22-Jul-11 12:49:25
Peter Walker writes: Here's what John Whittingdale had to say about the "for Neville" email (see 11.39am) at the centre of the disagreement:

I think it's a very important piece of information and I suspect that if James Murdoch had had it drawn to his attention that he would remember it.

This guy needs to drop the tory reverence for the Murdochs and stop defending them!!!!!!!

How dare he!!!! Democracy is toast with people like this.I am very annoyed.

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 22-Jul-11 12:57:38

How is that deference? He's effectively calling James Murdoch a liar.... ie. it was drawn to his attention and therefore he should have remembered it.

bkgirl Fri 22-Jul-11 13:19:05

You are right....I am wrong. Apologies.

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