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Shrien Dewani

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Mummalish Wed 20-Jul-11 21:05:09

I am a bit confused about this case. He is being accused of murder by the South African police. Now whether or not he did it is besides the point, as surely if he is innocent or guilty, the trial will cover that.

What confuses me is why he is not being sent back to stand trial, or why can't he have a trial here?

If you're accused of something, surely it's something you have to deal with?

Just a bit confused.

reelingintheyears Wed 20-Jul-11 22:22:30

Because he is not fit to go to/stand trial.

Same in this country.

somedayillbesaturdaynite Wed 20-Jul-11 22:27:18

He is claiming to be too ill to be extraditied. if you commit a crime you face the juducial system of the country where the crime was commited, not your home country. watch last monday's dispatches on 4od.

begonyabampot Thu 21-Jul-11 00:23:40

depends on the country, there are some countries i'd fight tooth and nail not to be extradited to, whether i was innocent or not. I have no idea who 'just' SA justice system is and how corrupt. If i was guilty, I'd definitely fight it. If this guy is innocent, I can't imagine the hell has and is going through with all this hanging over him.

Mummalish Thu 21-Jul-11 07:12:50

So if he's too ill to stand trial, then he could effectively "get away with it", (of course presuming he did it).

That would mean he would have to be ill for the rest of his life.

I can understand he must be terrified to go to a foreign country to stand trial, it does seem scary, especially since they really reckon he did it and have evidence etc.

I wonder what's going to happen.

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