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FFS Rebekah was at Camerons birthday party only last week

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bkgirl Mon 18-Jul-11 17:38:32

Ah no, what hope is there that this will be done right?He even didn't disclose it on the list of engagements until now.They are all so intertwined, I used to feel sorry for the italians with Berlusconi, it seems we just have had a Murdoch puppet government.I feel we the public have been totally duped.

thestringcheeseincident Mon 18-Jul-11 17:46:19

where is the link to this?

bkgirl Mon 18-Jul-11 17:47:15

Ammendment:apparently it was at Rebekahs on Camerons birthday on October....jeez they are all so cozy

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 18-Jul-11 17:52:37

Exactly why wouldn't a Prime Minister want to be on cordial terms with someone responsible for some of the biggest newspapers in the country? Every PM since newspapers have been in existence would have realised that success relies on good communication. I'd also hope & expect the PM has good connections with other newspaper proprietors, the BBC and other networks. DC said publicly quite recently that if Brooks had offered her resignation to him, he would have accepted it. He hardly stepped in to save her bacon....

bkgirl Mon 18-Jul-11 17:54:26

There is cordial and then there is being a puppet. At this second I am going with the later probably due to this cesspool of rot leaking out.

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 18-Jul-11 18:01:56


CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 18-Jul-11 18:04:47

The police revelations are particularly worrying and there has been serious illegal surveillance going on at certain newspapers but I don't think there is any real evidence of puppetry. I am not convinced that hardened Labour-voting Sun readers opened their newspaper pre election, saw that the Sun liked Cameron and suddenly switched to being Tory... any more that I'm convinced dyed-in-the-wool Tory voters switched to Blair in '97 for the same reason.

bkgirl Mon 18-Jul-11 18:11:31

I just think that be they labour or tory, murdoch has called the tune for years. They all pandered to his sizeable ego and he had a ridiculous control over the media telling people what to think/vote.The sheepie often cannot think outside what is served to them in the media.
Frankly the politicians concluded the same themselves, hence they have all courted murdoch pre election on his island.Spitting Image was actually quite spot on.

ThisIsANiceCage Mon 18-Jul-11 18:17:40

> " I'd also hope & expect the PM has good connections with other newspaper proprietors, the BBC and other networks."

Here's the list of Cameron's media meetings. BBC not on it.

The Chequers and social meetings consist of a bunch of introductory meetings when Dave became PM and a few summer parties - and then are overwhelmingly with News Corp folks.

Oh, and apparently some social meetings with Brooks got left off this list, which the Cabinet Office compiled in a hurry last week.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 19-Jul-11 06:49:43

"The sheepie often cannot think outside what is served to them in the media"

Does that include you? Or are you the solitary thinker and you just have a very low opinion of everyone else's intelligence? I love the way someone will say 'everyone (bar me) does this'.. rubbish

bobthebuddha Tue 19-Jul-11 11:23:43

OP, how on earth did you manage to confuse 'October' with 'last week'?

As for the list of Cameron's media meetings & the BBC not being (apparently) on it, there were a couple of definitions on there which may or may not have meant BBC - was hoping someone would clarify but the page now returns a 404. Tin-foil-hat time!

BelleDameSansMerci Tue 19-Jul-11 11:26:47

Cogito, do you mean "baaaaaah me"? grin

frostyfingers Tue 19-Jul-11 12:36:57

RB's husband is a good friend from way back of DC's - so there's more to it than just sucking up to newspaper editors......

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 19-Jul-11 12:47:31

BDSM... not only baaahhh me but baaaahhh ewe as well, most likely. wink

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