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David Cameron lied to us

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kushi Mon 18-Jul-11 01:21:18

David Cameron is a liar and has lost all respect and credibility. He knew about the activities of Coulson when he employed him. Was Coulson paid from public funds? Did Cameron accept that Coulson was unaware of the hacking scandal? Although he was the Editor and must have borne responsibility for not just editorial content.

George Osborne Recommended Coulson and knew about him and what he did.

David Cameron now left Coulson high and dry I will never trust Cameron again. He knows the British public are so easily fooled. He makes out we have a huge deficit but spends millions on fighting Libya.

Cameron praises Blair and wants to be like him. He is doing the same thing as Blair fighting and using public money, millions a day fighting Libya. Anything comes out of crafty cameron is a lie, I will never believe a word he says.

Like he made the cuts so fast and sharp. He has money to fight Libya and give millions of pounds of aid to India, Pakistan and Africa and leaves his own people who voted for the posh toff to struggle.

David Cameron should resign and do the decent thing by letting the British people know that he had a bigger involvement with Rupert. Who have we voted a person who is in the pockets of Rupert Murdock.

They made him win the elections and gave him huge coverage, the ordinary man next door who will help the poor.

Little did we know, that he is worse than his idol Tony Blair, he is taking us in war with Libya where Obma, has little interest.

Gordon Brown warned us against this man. He said he will make severe cuts and it will be like the 80's were the conservatives made huge cuts and left the British people struggling and suffering everyday life.

There should be a re-election as we have been deceived by David Cameron, George Osborne,

They only won through Rupert.

Not once did slimy toff Cameron say that Rebecca should resign and he never said anything against Rupert.

kushi Mon 18-Jul-11 01:22:24

Ed Miliband will make a great, genuine Prime Minister.

I really have so much admiration and respect for him as he spoke up to the Rupert and Rebecca.

He was not scared and showed real courage and never once hid or lied.

A lot of people now know Ed Miliband spoke for the people; it is so refreshing to see

BooyHoo Mon 18-Jul-11 01:23:03

david cameron lied? shocker.

kushi Mon 18-Jul-11 01:34:13

David Cameron and George Osborne do not know the plight and suffering of the poor and need.

They are both so rich. George Osbourne will reherit a huge amount of money and both come from wealth.

How would they now how the ordinary person is suffering.

I will never forget, when George Osboure made the severe cuts and how they all embraced him in Parliment. Nick Clegg, Alexander, David Cameron patted him on the back and said the did well.

They all hate the unemployed and run them down, but can give billions to aid to India, fastest richest growing country, who laughs at us. Pakistan, who hides terrorists and not forgetting Africa, who's dicatators pocket the money and buy private planes and stick two fingers at this stupid Government.

It is because inexperience Batman and Robin, (David and George) had a vision and watched Life Aide and wanted to give more money to the dictators.

I have a vision and a dream for Cameran, George Osborne, Nick Clegg to be removed from Government.

Taking with them nasty Ian Duncan Smith who hates the unemployed feels they should take a bus to interviews and wants him shot.

George Osbourne wants to cleanse their richest areas, Notting Hill, where George Osbourne and Cameron has houses they rent thousands of pounds a week.

Poor people are no longer suited in these areas.

debivamp Mon 18-Jul-11 01:40:05

I agree Booyhoo; it is amazing how short some people’s memories are. Everyone is moaning about the fact that Britain does not have any manufacturing industry – why is this? Because the old crow Thatcher destroyed it in the 1980’s, and why are we in such a financial mess at the moment – because the Tories deregulated the banking industry

cookcleanerchaufferetc Mon 18-Jul-11 06:40:08

Pakistan, India and Africa, along with other countries in Europe, middle east and asia, have been receiving aid fro the uk for many years .... Not just since David cameron came to power. Labour Increased the amount of aid we give drastically plus ruined the eu rebate we were supposed to get.

Oh yes, labour sold of lots of our gold when prices were low .... Lots of it gone due to Gordon brown.

Why are there cuts being made .... Cause brown overspent.

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Mon 18-Jul-11 06:46:22

Top story - politicicans lie
Breaking news - bears shit in woods

The only thing that surprises me about any of this is that people are surprised about any of this.

niceguy2 Mon 18-Jul-11 08:52:17

Summary: "Nasty Tories wah wah."

The UK would be perfect if it weren't for them eh?

And as for Ed Miliband being the best PM...oh please that just shows me how truly deluded you are. He's actually the best weapon the Tories have at the moment!

Pedallleur Mon 18-Jul-11 08:55:42

Tony Blair might have lied about WMD as well and I don't see the Labour Party dissing Tony. The Milliband brothers are career politicians/academics and really haven't seen the world of work as others have. Nothing wrong with that but let's not think they are one with the people.

filthyfunkproject Mon 18-Jul-11 09:09:01

Cor blimey that 'slimy Toff ' ain't half not telling the truth, who'd have thought it? - and him all proper educated like.

We should have that nice Labour person Mr Blair back - he's a real gentleman and no mistake.

HoneyPablo Mon 18-Jul-11 09:09:51

"The only thing that surprises me about any of this is that people are surprised about any of this"

Me too, TheMagnificentBathykolpian

ajandjjmum Mon 18-Jul-11 09:12:28

Gosh, so David Cameron worships at the alter of Tony Blair. Now that does surprise me.

gapants Mon 18-Jul-11 09:17:23

News shocker Politicians lie!

slug Mon 18-Jul-11 09:26:27

O. M. G!!! A politician lied!!! <thud>

Quick, quick, hold the front page... hmm

AbsDuCroissant Mon 18-Jul-11 09:33:03

A politician lied?! shock

People actually had respect for him and thought he had credibility?! shock (that actually is quite shocking)

When he first appeared on the scene, ham faced and grinning, I thought exactly the same thing I thought about Blair "there's no freaking way I trust this man"

crazynanna Mon 18-Jul-11 09:37:14

The man's a twat.

Blindcavesalamander Mon 18-Jul-11 09:39:14

They are all toxic toads, but the Tories are more toxic than all the other toads (bar the Nazi party etc, whose toxicity readings are off the scale). The problem is, you have to choose your poison. I think green poison must be best as it at least looks natural compared to red or blue or yellow. It's no shock that Cameron lied because he has no scruples.

Nancy66 Mon 18-Jul-11 09:54:00

OP your post reads like a 12-year-old has written it. Very wide-eyed.
And it's MURDOCH

NerfHerder Mon 18-Jul-11 10:03:30

Mmm.... kushi. Great balti house...

Ed Miliband would not be a very good prime minister- he's not doing a particularly brilliant job of being leader of the Labour Party.

Riveninside Mon 18-Jul-11 10:06:07

Politician lies. I am trying to generate some surprise here....

The other party is just as bad.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 18-Jul-11 13:00:13

I don't think Cameron lied. Coulson resigned from his post when the hacking scandal broke - unlike Brooks who stuck it out. As far as the public knew, it was confined to a few celebrities that we didn't much care about - only now do we find out that the police had thousands of names from notebooks and murder victims were involved. Cameron's team did background checks on Coulson which did not reveal anything criminal. He resigned from the Conservative party job when the scandal re-emerged... and DC has stated publicly that he is still a 'friend'. Which is very credible and not leaving the man high & dry as you suggest.

When you're looking for someone to head up a political party's press team and who has excellent first-hand knowledge and contacts within the media industry, there is a fairly limited selection of candidates to choose from.

BTW... it was Alistair Darling that warned about 'cuts worse than the Thatcher era'... and he was referring to the Labour Party Strategy.

bobthebuddha Mon 18-Jul-11 13:13:29

"Ed Miliband will make a great, genuine Prime Minister.

I really have so much admiration and respect for him as he spoke up to the Rupert and Rebecca.

He was not scared and showed real courage and never once hid or lied."

Uh-huh - and next you'll be telling us he strode up to 'the Rebecca & Rupert' at the News International summer party he attended a few weeks ago, threw his champers in their faces & gave them what for. Fact is, our brave boy only 'spoke up' once he felt it safe to do so. Perhaps we should give you the benefit of the doubt & assume you didn't know he & other Labourites went to said party....

noddyholder Mon 18-Jul-11 13:17:03

I think he will be gone by September

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 18-Jul-11 13:28:24

Milliband?.... Good.

niceguy2 Mon 18-Jul-11 13:32:10

Noooo. I hope Miliband doesn't go! I don't want another Labour government!

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