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Rebekah Brooks is out of the nick

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bkgirl Mon 18-Jul-11 00:53:29

told to come back October.....apparently.

Wonder if her friends at the met engineered this to enable her to escape the questions of the Select Committee? Wonder if they will do the same for the Murdochs?

Geoffrey Robertson QC said it was a "stupid" thing to do.

Does anyone know the name of the officer who made this stupid decision (stupid at best that is).

bkgirl Mon 18-Jul-11 01:10:57

I hope the met release a statement to explain their timing of Brooks arrest.The confidence of the public has been shaken enough.

rimmerfleadick Mon 18-Jul-11 01:28:27

I saw mention on another forum it woud have possibly come from the CPS to initiate the arrest.

But yes does seem very pat, with Stephenson resigning as well.

moonferret Mon 18-Jul-11 01:36:18

Different rules operate for normal people being arrested and people in the public eye. This arrest would have been authorised at the highest level (maybe even the ex-Commissioner) and maybe the CPS (although they normally only advise on charging decisions).
"Normal" people wouldn't be arrested "by appointment" either...the police would give them a rude awakening at home, at whatever time they fancied.

The UK at its finest. And no, she shouldn't have been arrested in the first place.

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