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eh? isn't that illegal?

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supadupapupascupa Wed 13-Jul-11 14:15:51

i thought there was a law that said mothers can breastfeed in public?


bkgirl Wed 13-Jul-11 14:21:18

I was shocked too ....dunno about the legalities but a flash mob (sic) of breastfeeding mums would deffo be in order. We don't go to Saudi and call the shots so why can our babies suffer for others cultural prejudice here? Maybe muslim mums would actually like the chance to feed their babies too.

HereLiesDobbyAFreeElf Wed 13-Jul-11 14:24:32

So do muslim mums not breastfeed as well then?

What a bunch of idiots!

supadupapupascupa Wed 13-Jul-11 14:25:11

i wasnt really thinking about the cultural bit tbh, but i'm sure i read recently that you are allowed to feed wherever you like in public now BY LAW! i'm truly confused......

does anyone know? i'm currently pregnant and plan to breastfeed so it's kinda relevant.

Tillyminto Wed 13-Jul-11 14:28:40

"Breastfeeding in public (restaurants, cafes, libraries etc.) is protected under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 under the provision of goods, facilities and services section. If the child is under 6 months old, the mother has additional protection under a 2008 amendment to the act which protects maternity rights."

From here:

Culture doesn't come into it; the law states you can nurse wherever you like.

I would have just stood my ground and let the receptionist and manager fret about it.

WiiDram Wed 13-Jul-11 14:30:24

What the actual fuck?

"'Unfortunately there are no breast-feeding facilities available at Access Oldham based at the Civic Centre nor are there any public toilets or baby changing facilities.
'There is no requirement to provide such facilities at Access Oldham and we are committed to make the best use of the limited space that is available to provide facilities and meeting rooms where we can deal with issues that affect local residents quickly and effectively.
'Not every building is suitable for breast-feeding and that is the case with the very busy, open-plan layout of Access Oldham.' " - quote from local council member.

RitaMorgan Wed 13-Jul-11 14:30:52

The cultural thing is bollocks - most of the muslim mums I have met where I live breastfeed! I think the recommendation to breastfeed til 2 is in the koran.

WiiDram Wed 13-Jul-11 14:31:38

Not every building is suitable for breastfeeding?

WTF makes a building 'unsuitable' then?


WiiDram Wed 13-Jul-11 14:32:39

And yy RitaMorgan. Sounds like a bollocks excuse to me.

supadupapupascupa Wed 13-Jul-11 14:32:59

won't they be referring to muslim males not being happy?

regardless, they are acting unlawfully

oh boy, i am going to be such a trouble maker if anyone tries to stop me!!!!!!!

MeriNisipPoissons Wed 13-Jul-11 14:34:08

I wouldn't have asked just gone to sit in the quiet corner and feed and let them deal with it, what were they going to do, call the police? And as she continued the feed in her car surely the sensitive Muslims could have seen her there and been offended, seems a strange situation.

yearningforthesun Wed 13-Jul-11 14:41:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

theyoungvisiter Wed 13-Jul-11 15:56:07

The koran actually states that babies have the right to their mother's breastmilk for the first two years.

Hate things like this where people try to shuffle off their own bigotted opinions and cowardice onto religion.

theyoungvisiter Wed 13-Jul-11 15:56:59

I agree though - I wouldn't have asked. Much harder for them to complain once you've started and in all likelihood, no-one would notice anyway.

needanewname Wed 13-Jul-11 16:01:18

Mass breast feeding session needed I think grin

Would join in but I don't think my 7 and 4 year old would want to gringrin

diddl Wed 13-Jul-11 17:29:10

What are "breastfeeding facilities"?

Thought it was just somewhere-preferably comfortable-to sit!

MummyTigger Wed 13-Jul-11 19:34:10

I just love that one of the first comments I saw on there was from a Muslin woman - who basically told every to naff off, she was sick and tired of having other people decide what does and doesn't offend her, and she breast-fed in public until the child was 2!

It's the Daily Wail - I bet they are just trying to stir up rubbish and incite some more hatred against "dem bloody forriners"

DuelingFanjo Wed 13-Jul-11 19:38:01

it's a daily mail story and a half isn't it. Considering the scorn they heap on Breastfeeding in general!

there are several comments on there about how women in muslim cultures breastfeed openly and for years.

Of course it was wrong for this woman to be told she couldn't but I wonder why on earth she even asked if she could in the first place? The headline makes a massive deal of it being about Muslims but that's not actually what was said according to the article.

bkgirl Wed 13-Jul-11 20:07:44

I wonder what culture would object then, I assumed it was muslim to be honest because of the covering up/burkha thing. Fair enough it could be my own ignorance. Frankly when I was breast feeding my own mother used to tut her disapproval (catholic)! Although since then she has wised up. I feel most sorry for the babies involved whatever colour/creed they are...imagine adults telling them to be hungry.

pookamoo Wed 13-Jul-11 20:14:47

The problem is that although the law is in place in England and Wales to protect the mums, they would actually have to go to court and sue the person/ organisation that tried to stop them (or stopped them) from bf on the premises.

Contrast that with Scotland, where the mum could just call the police and the manager would have been slapped with a fine (I think of up to £1500) on the spot...

We're ALMOST protected... but for most people, suing the council would be too expensive and too much hassle, and going to the Daily Fail is probably a close second! The manager should get a slap on the wrist for this from his superiors!

pookamoo Wed 13-Jul-11 20:17:48

re the cultural aspect, it's probably most likely, sadly, to be "British" people who are offended, as breastfeeding isn't really part of our culture any more, unlike many other countries!

thefirstMrsDeVere Wed 13-Jul-11 20:21:46

The funniest thing about this situation is the DM readers not knowing what to get most annoyed about - the thought that a Muslim might object to something or that a women would dare to breast feed in public.

I think they may all implode.

This story has feck all to do with Muslims. I live and work in a very multicultural area and am more likely to see a Muslim and/or Asian woman bfing than a white woman.

Like one of the comments says, this story is just designed to stir up more hatred.

No doubt it will enter into common mythology that Muslims stopped a white woman feeding her baby in Oldham <sigh>

LucaBrasi Wed 13-Jul-11 20:36:10

I think it was Scotland that made a specific act, post devolution - would have to check the year. But think that still the case.....?

knittedbreast Mon 18-Jul-11 15:10:12

it says in the quran that a mother should so long as she is healthy enough bf her child until the age of 2,

ShoutyHamster Fri 22-Jul-11 19:41:56

No breastfeeding facilities?!

What, as in no chairs, perhaps not even a floor?

Didn't realise Access Oldham was so minimalist grin

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