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IVF charity to do internet lottery with a prize of winning IVF treatment

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apple0211 Mon 11-Jul-11 07:33:39

Having seen this in the news yesterday I wanted to see what the feelings were of us excellent average mums, not just the reactionary and harsh views seen so far in the media. Having been unfairly rejected by the NHS for IVF treatment we were lucky enough to be able to borrow enough money for private treatmnet - but not everyone can and why not use a lottery ticket to see if you can access something that should be available for all ?

The HFEA have critisied the lottery - they need to realise, and do something about the fact that so few people are able to access NHS IVF provision that a lottery is the only hope for some people. In no way does a lottery trivialise the seriousness of undertaking IVF or the process of conception, it shows the desperate need for decent regulation and equality of provision for all. Infertitilty is a reccognised disease/illness and the implications for physical and mental health are immense, harsh comments help nobody and I genuinely hope those who are critical of IVF never have to feel the pain of infertility and the treatment options.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 11-Jul-11 14:36:11

But what about all the people in the lottery who, having had their hopes dashed already, then don't win the lottery either? It's not only a personal and serious procedure to undertake but it's also a medical one. Ethically, even though I sympathise with childless couples, I don't think games of chance are the right method of determining who gets treatment.

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