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If you want you can sign a petition to Rupert Murdoch here...

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Veeebeee Sun 10-Jul-11 12:00:00

Does it bother you that Murdoch supports Rebekah Brookes and does not listen to people who are asking him to acknowledge that she had responsiblity in hurting vulnerable people?
sign petition to Rupert Murdoch if you want to add your name to a group of people who would like to build a large voice that perhaps he WOULD listen to.

Note: Rebakah Brookes (nee Rebekah Wade, who was the newspapers editor, and is now incredibly promoted to be BOSS of Rupert Murdoch’s whole group!!!) has not been held to account - while journalists working in the paper had the livlihoods whipped away in an instant by immediately closing down the News of the World.

read more about it here - also link it to facebook if you like.

Nancy66 Sun 10-Jul-11 12:33:20

You have your facts wrong on the petition site.

You are petitioning against inaccurate information - which makes you look a bit foolish

Veeebeee Sun 10-Jul-11 12:44:51

i didnt write the petition site - i am merely signing it.
if you know of a better way to get my voice heard, and a place where others can also add their voice - please post it below - many thanks

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