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Virgin pilots have voted in favour of strikes

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Hulababy Thu 23-Jun-11 22:04:46

walkouts likely to hit July and august - school holidays.

Last year BA, now Virgin. Who to chose to fly with now?

At least when teachers strike it only affects you for one day. These ones affect your entire holiday, possibly your only one all year, long awaited and hard earned.

meditrina Thu 23-Jun-11 22:55:38

Any announcements on dates will only be made next week at the earliest.

I've just had a quick google and it seems they're thinking of strike action because they have had no pay increase since 2008, and the current pay offer is below inflation (therefore a cut). The current dispute has been grumbling on for about 18 months, and it seems they're reached the "enough is enough" moment.

niceguy2 Thu 23-Jun-11 23:03:38

Fly with anyone else. Virgin don't have a monopoly like teachers/nurses etc do.

Last year when BA went on strike I flew with other airlines. It wasn't hard to organise as long as you know in advance.

Hulababy Sun 26-Jun-11 21:24:33

Too late when you have already booked several months ago. And gutting to have your whole two week holiday wrecked.

Luckily I'm not travelling with them this year, going with a cheaper alternative. Hopefully my sister won't be affected as she flies with them next nmonht.

cookcleanerchaufferetc Mon 27-Jun-11 07:56:54

It is quite ironic how smug virgin were when BA had their strikes .... They aren't so smug now!

At least the virgin pilots have a decent reason, unlike the stupid travel perks debacle with BA last year!

Isitreally Mon 27-Jun-11 10:30:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meditrina Mon 27-Jun-11 11:23:42

They've already been on a pay freeze since 2008, and seem to be calling for something in line with inflation. So it's not a pay increase, rather a "stay put" respite after 3 years of fall in real terms.

Anyone know when any announcements are due?

cookcleanerchaufferetc Mon 27-Jun-11 12:39:57

End of this week I think .....

BusterGut Mon 27-Jun-11 19:05:39

Ummmmm..... isn't Virgin a private sector company?

Tut, tut.....

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