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Egyption teacher smacking kids with ruler

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presario Sat 28-May-11 16:36:44

did anyone see the video of the teacher hitting very young kids with a ruler. Sorry can't do links but is on BBC newswebsite

Goblinchild Sat 28-May-11 16:53:45

Do you mean in the UK or in Egypt?

Goblinchild Sat 28-May-11 17:02:33

It appears to have been filmed in a school in Egypt, where corporal punishment is legal. A child was beaten to death in school last year in Egypt, which caused some international outrage for a while.
Why do you ask OP? There are numerous countries around the world where it is legal to beat children with canes and leather straps as well as with the hand.
The instances in the UK i have known by teachers unused to our laws about punishment in schools have been prosecuted by the police.

nannynick Sat 28-May-11 17:10:48

It's in Egypt. This report contains a still image and some basic details, including that the kindergarten has been closed down and its operating license rescinded.

Whilst those of us in England consider this sort of behaviour by a teacher to be inappropriate, it wasn't that long ago that a similar thing happened in our country. I don't think it the cane was banned in private schools in the UK until around 1999 (earlier, possibly mid 80's in state schools).

presario Sat 28-May-11 17:43:53

Sorry he doesn't just cane the child, he grabs one small girl by the hair and sacks her on the head. I agree that we can't criticise other people believes and your right we did have this sort of punishment going on in our own schools till well into the 80s but this particular teacher was out of control

Lilka Sat 28-May-11 18:34:26

He looks totally out of control to me, going way beyond just a smack on the hand with the ruler, which was what I thought when I saw the thread title. But there are still lots of countries where corporal punshment is legal, and some American states definitely use it as well

presario Sat 28-May-11 19:12:36

Yeah but this guy is enjoying it

Goblinchild Sat 28-May-11 19:24:08

OP, do you just want us to say 'Yes it's bad'?
I don't understand what you mean. Do you just want to gawp and say 'Oh, how awful'?
This is why UNICEF created the convention on the rights of the child back in 1991 and have been putting pressure on governments around the world to sign up to it and abide by the articles.
Being hit by a ruler is one of the minor assaults against children that occur by the adults in authority. What about the street children beaten, hunted and murdered by police in other countries?
Why did this one thing shock you so much?

ScousyFogarty Sat 28-May-11 19:43:42


Animation Sat 28-May-11 21:56:08

Sadistic bastard!

HerHissyness Mon 30-May-11 11:32:43

This is the tip of the iceberg in that country. believe me.

HerHissyness Mon 30-May-11 11:44:27

OP you say we can't criticise others beliefs, this is not a belief it is a behaviour.

and YES, oh my GOD yes we can, and should criticise it.

I LIVED in that god forsaken place for 3 years, the abuse of people in general I saw was sickening. Children are broadly tolerated until they can run errands for their parents. Boys are raised never hearing the word NO, they are taught to control and abuse their sisters and eventually their own mothers by men that sit on their arses and expect the world and his lunch to be brought to them at the snap of a finger.

When you know better, you do better. We in the UK stopped beating our school children in the 80s, 30 years later, in Egypt it still goes on.

IME, they are both ignorant AND arrogant - a truly heinous combination, they won't have any other way suggested to them, and will condemn all those who don't follow their way.

The trouble I had trying to raise my DS there was mind-boggling. They insisted on trying to give him food, when I said he's not weaned. They tried to insist he ate salty or sugary foods when he was beginning to wean. I couldn't leave him alone with anyone, they literally would see it as a challenge to disobey my 'rules'. I was openly criticised because I put DS down for naps at regular times, and even more so for him having a bedtime. They don't.

The method for feeding small children in Egypt is to wind them up into a frenzy, and then the mother, or the maid, literally chases them around a room with a spoon and a bowl, shoving the food in the mouth when the child is distracted. You have to see it to believe it. I was shock the first time I saw it.

RobF Tue 31-May-11 00:51:33

tut tut, that teacher's attitude sphinx! Egypt is in denile if they think that is the way to control children. The girl's mummy will soon be down at the school giving the teacher a piece of her mind! He would not pharoah well in English schools if he teaches like that here. Maybe the teacher is too old for the job, he looks like an old giza.

HerHissyness Tue 31-May-11 16:03:47

baboom TISH! grin

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