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The 2 year old who lived alone for 19 days!

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pupuce Wed 01-Oct-03 16:46:02

Did you read this story ? Amazing how a 2 year old can have such resources....

ThomCat Wed 01-Oct-03 16:51:24

OMG - Lottie is 2 at Xmas and wouldn't be able to move from the spot I'd left her in! I can't get over that a 2 year old survived and found 'stuff'to eat. OMG and WOW! What the hell was up with the mother???

forestfly Wed 01-Oct-03 16:53:53

That is so sad the poor little thing

janh Wed 01-Oct-03 16:53:56

My god. What sort of woman could do that to a child?

WSM Wed 01-Oct-03 16:54:40

Amazing but horrifying. Poor little mite, what a truly terrible mother. That story made me well up with sadness for the little girl.

tinyfeet Wed 01-Oct-03 16:55:14

This story breaks my heart.

pupuce Wed 01-Oct-03 16:58:16

I am in amazement at what that child did though.... see good prevails

Of course mother must be serioulsy derranged !

ThomCat Wed 01-Oct-03 17:01:35

I know I was struck first by how amazing it was that the child just got on with stuff, had cartoons on, ate what she could find, made a little nest with all her stuff round her etc..... truly amazing, can't get over a 2year old opening cupboards and stuff to find something to eat!
Then I stopped and felt so sad for her and so disgusted by the mother.

princesspeahead Wed 01-Oct-03 17:15:57

mind you my 2 year old raids the fridge and the larder (often to be found scoffing raisin wheats at odd times of the day), helps himself to the fruitbowl, gets his own water from the dispenser on the fridge, and can work the tv, dvd and sky remote, so he'd probably be quite happy without me for a while!

dadslib Wed 01-Oct-03 17:16:37

Message withdrawn

ThomCat Wed 01-Oct-03 17:19:21

PPH - wow! makes me realise how behind my DD is reading that!
Anyway - Dadslib - couldn't agree more.

princesspeahead Wed 01-Oct-03 17:20:39

he is very much driven by his stomach, thomcat! my dd couldn't do all that until she was well over 3. she still can't work the television etc...

ThomCat Wed 01-Oct-03 17:34:08

He's like me then PPH!!!

tinyfeet Wed 01-Oct-03 18:06:58

I have an 18 month old, so I can't even imagine my DD managing on her own. I suppose this 2 yr old was potty trained? It didn't say anything about pee and poop all over the place. Poor little thing! Makes me so sad, but am glad she is okay.

janh Wed 01-Oct-03 18:53:53

She must have been so confused, poor mite - and lonely - hanging on to her dad when he finally managed to track her down. At least she has one responsible parent.

I'm wondering if she had any real idea of how much time had passed though - maybe she won't be too traumatised by it? Hope so.

CnR Wed 01-Oct-03 19:04:47

Such a terrible terrible story, it made me shudder when I heard it earlier. DD is almost 18mo so not that much younger. One look at her and I couldn't understand that mother at all. I hope she is punished big time over this.

The child must have been so desperate to go and do all this surely. Poor mite.

What with this on the news, followed by the other story of the little girl who has just been orphaned on holiday - parents and little brother killed in car crash. Sad world at times.

lou33 Wed 01-Oct-03 19:14:38

TC I feel exactly the same as you on all points. Poor little thing must have been terrified, but am amazed at her resourcefulness. Ds2 is 2 1/2, and as he has cp wouldn't be able to get anything he needed at all, he'd just waste away. It's started me on a "what if" scenario now. Luckily he has older sibs if anything happened to me and dh.

How could she not even bother to tell anyone she had a daughter? Imagine how hurtful that will be to the little girl as she finds out the details when she gets older.

ks Wed 01-Oct-03 19:16:54

Message withdrawn

pupuce Wed 01-Oct-03 19:22:03

lou - she told the police that her daughter was being watched by neighbours...

lou33 Wed 01-Oct-03 19:30:00

No Pupuce she told her ex when he found her in prison.

"Briana Lee was abandoned when her mother was jailed on 10 September, but did not tell police about her daughter......

When Mr Lee eventually traced the mother to the prison and was able to speak to her, Dakeysha Lee said that the child was in the care of neighbours...."

pupuce Wed 01-Oct-03 19:37:11

On tele they said that the police knew but they has said that they can't check on every "claim".... I am sure someone is getting the stroy confused anyway !

aloha Wed 01-Oct-03 19:43:04

Not that responsible a parent if he failed to realise his tiny daughter was alone for 19 days. What kind of father doesn't visit his daughter when her mother is sent to prison?

Tinker Wed 01-Oct-03 19:45:32

Oh this story breaks your heart doesn't it?

"Along with food, Briana had taken a supply of toys and other belongings to the bed."

It reminds me of how awful it must have been for Paula Yates' daughter when she found her mother dead.

sunchowder Wed 01-Oct-03 19:50:11

I swear to you this is not a representation of the folks that live in Florida! OMG, I can't believe it--she must have been deranged or on drugs. I get devasted over stories like this. I believe she will be traumatized by this, even if she seems alright on the outside. I would think she is going to have to deal with abandonment issues for the rest of her life without proper counseling. I believe she will be taken away from the Mother, but who knows if the father will be any better with her? At least he came to check, but after TWO weeks???? I am so amazed that glad that she survived. I know this sounds horrible, but I believe the women should be sterilized. No amount of money or jail sentance can compensate for what she has done to her child--I don't think she should be able to have more children.

janh Wed 01-Oct-03 20:04:54

I don't think it's fair to say the father should have found her sooner - he didn't know the mother was in prison, had been trying to get in touch, she sounds like a complete waste of space so for all he knew she was just away, with the daughter. When he did find out he went to see her and she lied to him that the child was with neighbours - he tried to find which neighbour - I think a lot of "absent" fathers would have stayed absent. Give the guy a break!

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