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Let's all complain to The Sun

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Tinker Tue 23-Sep-03 13:08:56

What complete barstards!!! Gasped when I saw their 'Bonkers Bruno' headline today. I see they've changed it now on their website but still, let's email the bastards.

email the Sun

Tinker Tue 23-Sep-03 13:09:59

Damn! Link doesn't work! Email address is:

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:11:41

I haven't seen it. Admittedly it isn't a very nice headline but I'm sure they have printed worse. Is the story particularly offensive too ?

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:12:19

I haven't seen it. Admittedly it isn't a very nice headline but I'm sure they have printed worse. Is the story particularly offensive too ?

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:15:29

For those of you who are just as in the dark as me, perhaps link will enlighten us as to what The Sun have done this time.

Tinker Tue 23-Sep-03 13:18:19

Thanks for that link WSM. The offensive headline is still in the shops.

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:19:16

I saw it on the news last night, trust the tacky tabloid to sensationalise such a sad and personal story.

aloha Tue 23-Sep-03 13:23:26

Tinker, so agree. Was ranting about this last night to dh. Why not make fun of people with Parkinsons and their 'funny' shakes, or with Down syndrome. Repulsive. I'll definitely email.

katierocket Tue 23-Sep-03 13:27:23

I just can't believe how out of order that is.

pupuce Tue 23-Sep-03 13:29:11

Just e-mailed myself.... the idiots !

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:30:34

I didn't realise that the story was written in such an insensitive manner, tbh I assumed they'd printed a sensationalist headline to 'draw them in' and then written a fairly basic (as is their wont) summary of the story. I'm amazed they are allowed to publish such crap.

beetroot Tue 23-Sep-03 13:32:27

Message withdrawn

Chiccadum Tue 23-Sep-03 13:35:02

I've e-mailed them giving them a piece of my mind, not that it will do any good and they won't take a blind bit of notice

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:40:39

Have just sent an email too.

I hope Bruno takes them to the cleaners for their remarks when he is recovered.

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:41:11

Have told The Sun as much too.

doormat Tue 23-Sep-03 13:46:26

Tinker I havent seen the story and the link isnt working properly that wsm did.

The Sun has never been allowed in my home since the Hillsborough scandal, where they accused scousers of robbing off the dead.That was a disgusting story.
I knew one of the people that died and it was very insulting as I can imagine this article is.

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:58:04

They mention Hillsborogh in the link I posted Doormat. Horrible.

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:58:22

Sorry, about the typo !

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 13:59:00

The link worked fine for me then, it is a little slow on my pc though.

doormat Tue 23-Sep-03 14:01:56

finally got the story wsm, wont the sun ever learn, they are just nasty.
I will be emailing them right now.

WSM Tue 23-Sep-03 14:02:38

That's the tacky tabloids for you.

doormat Tue 23-Sep-03 14:06:39


whymummy Tue 23-Sep-03 14:09:33

done it!!mission accomplished,thanks tinker

Frenchgirl Tue 23-Sep-03 14:12:23

I was disgusted when I saw this on TV last night and will e-mail them too. Repulsive.

whymummy Tue 23-Sep-03 14:22:27

the headline in the mirror says "so sad"the sun is really digusting!!(add angry face here)

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