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the murder of the 4 little boys

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Tortington Tue 16-Sep-03 23:35:01

i saw this on the news today - i missed the tradgedy when it happened and so have only just heard about this. how the father of 4 little boys took them to a secluded spot in his car and gassed them.

how he told his children to say goodbye to theri mum - who was on the mobile phone begging for their lives.

am sorry everyone - but this story has just cracked me up. their little coffins on the news - their smiling photos
their mum weeping
i think i would do myself in after that - i couldnt imagine life after that. i couldnt imagine waking up to a silent house, to arguing children to " mum wheres my socks" or "mum ......tell him he's buggin' me"

i dont understand why he would take their lives as a vengence thing against their mum.

i knew before the item came on i shouldnt watch it - i wont be able to get this out of my head - that poor poor woman - all thsoe childrens clothes and toys all the things around the house that scream children - i cant imagine the death of one - but the death of all my children is beyond my comprehension.

and by their dad - and they must have known it was happening
the scenarios will haunt their mum forever
god, she was on the phone to them at the time - i cant unerstand it
how utterly awful i am so sorry for her

SueW Tue 16-Sep-03 23:55:41

Oh don't. I was gutted when I heard it tonight. Like you I had missed the original reports.

Likewise the 7yo who was shot ?yesterday whilst staying with her father

Ghosty Wed 17-Sep-03 01:22:26

Custy ... Haven't heard this. Did it happen in England? I hate things like this ... how will the mother ever get over it?
In NZ at the moment there is a little girl (aged 6) who has been missing for 8 days. Stepfather took her to school but she never showed up in class. It wasn't until her mother went to pick her up at 3pm that they discovered her missing. It is awful ... all they have found is her school bag and uneaten lunch in a river .
The parents have been on the telly begging for her safe return but there are no leads, nothing.
It is dreadful ... how do people cope with it?

EmmaTMG Wed 17-Sep-03 07:32:06

Appartently the man who did this to his 4 children committed suicide once he was in prison.

I know our justice system is crap and he would have got parole in ridiculous amount of time but I really felt angry that he had done this....almost like he was getting away with it.

ScummyMummy Wed 17-Sep-03 07:52:51

oh god. This is just unspeakably tragic. I can't comprehend it- just makes me want to cry.

That poor, poor Toni-Ann too- it sounds like her little life might have been pretty grim in some ways as well as cut short so horribly.

WideWebWitch Wed 17-Sep-03 08:03:42

Haven't seen the news but how awful.

AussieSim Wed 17-Sep-03 13:24:08

These kinds of stories really affect me. I wasn't going to share this recent one in Australia but ... Once again the Dad. Not only the two kids, but also their maternal grandfather 72. Here's the link .

One that really really bothered me though was a Dad that was mugged whilst carring his 5week old baby girl in a baby bjorn on his chest, in a perfectly respectable suburb of Sydney. Over a mobile phone mind you. After they knocked him to the ground they kicked him etc, the little girl had a fractured skull and they said they probably wouldn't know for a few years what the extent of the damage might be.

What can we do to change some mens attitudes toward harming children?

dinosaur Wed 17-Sep-03 13:32:16

Of course, it does sometimes happen that women murder their children too, although in cases like that of the four little boys I think it's much more rare - not trying to be controversial, but surely we shouldn't assume that violence against children is purely a male preserve?

Northerner Wed 17-Sep-03 13:33:20

I've just read about these 4 little boys in today's newspaper. Words can not describe how sad this has made me feel.

That poor woman will be haunted forever and a day by the sounds of her dying children.

God, what ever I type doesn't sound quite right somehow.

M2T Wed 17-Sep-03 13:35:10

How could you go on living?

It's just too upsetting, I had to stop reading it.

oliveoil Wed 17-Sep-03 13:46:50

Have just been out for lunch and its front page on the local paper (happened locally in Cheshire). Haven't read the full story, the headline did it for me. Awful.

Claireandrich Wed 17-Sep-03 14:20:44

I couldn't read beyond the first paragraph. It was too horrifying to go on. That poor poor woman - my heart goes out to her.

Bugzi Wed 17-Sep-03 14:24:41

I've just read the story about the 4 little boys in the paper - I don't know how that poor woman manages to even get up in the morning. I only have one little girl and the thought of losing her keeps me up at night. To lose all four of your children and to hear them on the phone dying ....... i just cannot comprehend it. It's too sad. As for poor Toni-Ann, the unspeakable terror she must have felt after seeing her Dad shot and then being shot herself and left for dead is one of the saddest and cruellest things I’ve ever read/heard of. Whoever shot her should hang, what an evil B*STARD!! I was in tears when I read that the paramedics took her out of the house in their arms, they must have known she wasn't going to survive and just wanted her to feel safe. I'm welling up again..........why is the world full of such cruel people?!?!!?

EmmaTMG Wed 17-Sep-03 14:29:53

Blimey, I didn't realise this was in today's paper. I posted earlier about a man that did this a few months ago......I can't believe it's happened again.
My heart goes out to the mother.....

monkey Wed 17-Sep-03 14:44:27

I hadn't heard about it, but feel physically sick at the thought of any harm coming to either of my ds's. Even lying in bed with a cold can lead me to tears - look so little & helpless, then all the checking for spots, what ifs etc. I really can't imagine how their poor mother can cope with such a terrible tragedy. How evil.

judetheobscure Wed 17-Sep-03 14:54:59

EmmaTMG - it might be the same story - it happened a few months back but the inquests are being held now. As to how the mother keeps going - she was pregnant at the time her 4 boys were killed (the father committed suicide at the same time btw not in prison - they were all overcome by the fumes - and the police were unable to track the signal from the mobile phone in time to save them). The father said to the mother something like "I hope you look at your baby when it's born and think of how much it has cost you". Truly callous - definitely unhinged - but then perhaps it should have been picked up earlier - he had threatened to kill them beofre and yet had weekend custody - how did that happen? He was physically abusive to his wife.

Like many others this story has me in tears.... oh, to turn back the clock just this once ....

bunny2 Wed 17-Sep-03 15:47:54

Sick bastard.

There was a local story last year, a woman left her 4 young chldren in the house and went to the phone box opposite to ring her boyfriend in prison. One of the children played iwth some matches, the house caught on fire and all her children died. The court case was over the summer and I dont know the outcome but she has paid her price I think. If I lost all my children I'd kill myself.

Lilysmum Thu 18-Sep-03 21:25:08

What is especially sad is that there were warning signs and nobody acted upon them. Apparently the father remarked to friends and family in the days leading up to his crime, that he would kill himself and take the boys with him. Why did nobody do anything???? It makes me really angry more than anything else.

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