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Photos of Meth Users (grim)

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flyingcloud Fri 25-Feb-11 09:28:08

Anyone seen this gallery in the Torygraph.

Grim. I had heard the ageing effects of methamphetamines were pronounced but this is shock.

harbingerofdoom Sat 08-Dec-12 20:03:37

I did a search and the title seemed so appropriate for the pictures in the papers yesterday. I had no idea the thread was sooooo old,sorry.

I'm not picking on 'Chinese' chemists. I'm only saying that they can manipulate the chemical formula by adding,say, a CH3 and it is no longer an illegal drug.

I'm not talking about 'backyard' operations.

lljkk Sat 08-Dec-12 08:54:31

Zombie thread = one that started so long ago that OP has long since disappeared. For some reason MN can't figure out a way to distinctively highlight the text on such (relatively) ancient threads to warn us original content providers posters that it might be a bit pointless replying to OP.

I don't know why you're picking on "Chinese" chemists, Harbinger. We had a meth (making) house on the corner of my nice leafy very DesRes neighbourhood in California back in the 1980s.

harbingerofdoom Fri 07-Dec-12 22:37:10

I don't know what a Zombie thread is?
Yes,can Google away.
I am interested in how certain drugs can get under the radar because a chemist in China (usually) atm 'tweeks' the meow etc.

CoteDAzur Fri 07-Dec-12 20:52:17

Wasn't it Madonna who said that she couldn't believe clubbers in the UK didn't seem to have moved on from ecstasy to ketamine?

FYP Fri 07-Dec-12 20:42:30

Jesse Pinkman doesn't look like any of those dudes grin

TheReturnOfBridezilla Fri 07-Dec-12 20:37:40

Woooooooooo zombie!

TheReturnOfBridezilla Fri 07-Dec-12 20:36:48

I know a ketamine user through my work and she really is very pretty and looks-conscious. Something like this would probably give her a shock. I have to say, I haven't noticed it affecting her looks past her becoming very thin but if I saw before and after photos side by side like that perhaps it would be more obvious.

ForkInTheForeheid Fri 07-Dec-12 20:33:44

I do wish people would stop believing this ridiculous notion that an innocent joint leads to heroin addiction.

I agree Jodevizes - it doesn't mean anything that almost all serious drug addicts started with soft drugs because it doesn't reflect the number of people who try soft drugs but never move onto harder stuff (i.e. almost everyone who tries them). The destruction of these people's lives is tragic but in order to understand it we need to be looking at how society operates on a wider scale. Nothing happens in a vacuum.
I know it's based on lab rats (literally) but the Alexander experiments explain it quite nicely to my mind.

lljkk Fri 07-Dec-12 20:28:52

I expect you can google as well as us, Harbinger.

harbingerofdoom Fri 07-Dec-12 20:15:29

What is Meth, crystal meth, crack and ice?
I am also worried about Mcat?
Please tell me about K, ketamine and all the derivatives that that Chinese chemists can produce.

bumpsoon Mon 28-Feb-11 22:03:19

actually the worst photo is me before i go out , the first is me the morning after when my make up miraculouslry blends whilst i sleep grin.
DISCLAIMER: im joking!!!

bumpsoon Mon 28-Feb-11 22:02:08

Oh for goodness sake that could be a before and after photo of me on a good night out grin

AboardtheAxiom Mon 28-Feb-11 16:12:30

shock can't believe how different they all look, some in just a matter of months sad

wordfactory Mon 28-Feb-11 16:00:37

crystal meth is not massively common in the UK but its use has increased because it's cheap and easy to manufacture (unlike crack)

Street names are glass and ice.

paulapantsdown Mon 28-Feb-11 15:37:14

yeah so did i - but its on its way back big time

jodevizes Mon 28-Feb-11 15:37:00

Tea and coffee contain caffeine which is a drug. It is a known stimulant that probably would not, like sugar, pass the testing laws for food that we have nowadays.

PaisleyLeaf Mon 28-Feb-11 15:23:45

I thought ketamine was so 1990s.

(I know someone who had a ketamine problem)

paulapantsdown Mon 28-Feb-11 15:19:16

the thing to watch out for now is K - ketamine. usage is on the rise in a scary way, in certain london circles anyway

i know of some (very young) people for who it is the drug of choice and one guy who managed to quit it recently when his life was going downhill very rapidly

it can cause permanent incontinence and brain damage
evil stuff

PaisleyLeaf Mon 28-Feb-11 15:11:08

Although this one says it is creeping more into the mainstream.

PaisleyLeaf Mon 28-Feb-11 15:06:39

I think it's rare here bibbity. this is quite an old article but it says: "Though British police have been warned to expect an epidemic like America’s since the early 1990s it somehow never came, probably because of lack of availability and the fashion for Ecstasy, cocaine and heroin. It has been used sporadically as a club drug and by sections of the gay community, but somehow it did not take off as a major drug of choice."

FellatioNelson Mon 28-Feb-11 14:35:14

I did point out that by no means all casual soft drug users will become addicts, but I doubt there are many addicts who woke up one day and thought: 'I know; today I'll start dabbling in drugs, and I'll begin with heroin.'

bibbitybobbityhat Mon 28-Feb-11 14:33:21

What do we call crystal meth in the UK? I'm not aware that there's much of a problem with it over here.

FellatioNelson Mon 28-Feb-11 14:32:17

metabolism? hmm

HecateQueenOfWitches Mon 28-Feb-11 14:22:05

I agree, stretch. I was just going to say exactly that. Their eyes are - dead. Window into the soul indeed. sad

jode - parents get their kids hooked on crack because they allow them to have a cup of tea? [boggle]

Are you on crack?

stretch Mon 28-Feb-11 14:17:55


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