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paedohiles have right to appeal for names to be removed from sex offender's register

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OhForBoonessSake Wed 16-Feb-11 20:02:11


what do you think?

OhForBoonessSake Wed 16-Feb-11 20:02:25

i wish i could spell.

HarlotOTara Wed 16-Feb-11 20:04:07

The right to appeal is not the same as the wish being granted

OhForBoonessSake Wed 16-Feb-11 20:04:09

that isn't what i meant to link to. it was the guardian report on the PM's comments.

OhForBoonessSake Wed 16-Feb-11 20:05:00

that's right harlot. confused i was asking what you think about the right to appeal.

tiredemma Wed 16-Feb-11 20:05:47

I think the right to appeal is ok as long as the criteria for removal from the register is so stringent that its impossible to ever be removed.

Personally I would like to put all paedophiles on a bonfire- but thats not possible is it?

OhForBoonessSake Wed 16-Feb-11 20:07:32

try again

OhForBoonessSake Wed 16-Feb-11 20:09:09

no that's not an option emma.

Pan Wed 16-Feb-11 20:33:51

It smells a bit of playing to the gallery by the PM. a bit like the "giving prisoners the right to vote makes me physically ill." nonsense.

It appears restricted to those on the SOR for life, rather than for everyone on it.

meditrina Wed 16-Feb-11 20:39:13

The timing was not the doing of the Government; this is a response to a European Supreme caught ruling.

On this issue, I think the Government's response has been spot on (and it has cross-party support).

Pan Wed 16-Feb-11 20:45:25

Well it would have x-party support. Nothing like a vote-loser as approaching sensitive issues with an open mind is there!!

Enjoing the irony of a govt. undermining/ignoring the 'law', when one of the issues is about law-breakers.

BodleianBabe Wed 16-Feb-11 21:26:16

It's the whole infra structure that's going to be needed to manage this that I really object to.

Even if no sex offender's name is ever removed from the register after appeal there will be a whole process involving time and money which could be spent doing better things.

vj32 Wed 16-Feb-11 22:22:45

It is possible to be put on the sex offenders register for something that is not really that bad, eg. 16 year old having sex with 15 year old technically makes one of them a sex offender. Although police would not normally do anything in those cases I think if the parents complain it could happen.

So yes, I think a right to appeal is sensible. Doesn't mean they will actually have their appeal granted. Within reason a right to appeal is always a good thing because it is a process to confirm a judgement or overturn a bad decision.

mpsw Wed 16-Feb-11 22:37:31

Not everyone on the SOR is on it for life, though. This that are, are people who have served custodial sentences for serious offences.

It's good to see the Government using this Europe-forced amendment to also remove loopholes (such as Deed Poll, and travel regulations), and I am glad they are setting the bar as high as legally possible.

Lucifera Thu 17-Feb-11 13:32:24

what vj32 said.

mayorquimby Thu 17-Feb-11 15:02:42

No problem it's only a right to appeal, which in general is a central tenant of any legal system worth its salt.
Of course "paedos get to dodge sex register" is also par for the course with reactionary tabloids and their ill-informed readers so a disproportionate reaction from them wouldn't shock me.

choccyp1g Thu 17-Feb-11 15:04:01

Fine, they have the right to appeal. The courts have the right to refuse their appeal.

choccyp1g Thu 17-Feb-11 15:04:34

Which no doubt will happen in 99.9% of cases.

pinkdaws Thu 17-Feb-11 20:53:33

This is all because we joined the EU, and if these sex offenders go to court to appeal, and they have been out of trouble for a while they will win the appeal, as the Human Rights Act 1998, is covered by the EU and it now runs side by side with are English Common Law, so unless David Cameron stands up for what is right and goes against this president, which he not going to, then it will just be another objective we as a soceity will go along with, as he has the right to stop or change any Law in Parliament, he won't do it he hasn't got the guts to stand up for what is correct. David Cameron is taking money off carers and disabled people, as he has forgot already his son had Cerebral Palsy but they were lucky enough to be born into money and didn't have to give up work to care, they could hire special carers. I am sorry they don't care what we think, we are just a minority and we never stand up to be counted, so why should they listen..

all4u Thu 17-Feb-11 22:01:54

Again this is being hi-jacked as a political, anti EU football when I, like most parents, am interested in outcomes! Hey let's go for it - the EU Supreme Court says it must be reviewed so let's review it every two years - the named person attends for a full review of their behaviour in order to determine whether they ought to be on the register! Any that 'disappear' not to be found or who do not turn up are obviously highly suspect... thanks EU this is an opportunity not a threat and the police could surely find this helpful. As someone else has said here already - a review does not mean removal - au contraire I would have thought if police and psychologists are involved...

thereiver Fri 18-Feb-11 12:04:24

its true that some sex offenders actually arnt really bad. its not just a 16 and 15 year old but also younger ones . for example a girl say 2 weeks short of 13 has sex with 13 year old boyfriend(does not have to be penetrative sex )
then as she is under 13 it is classed as rape, even if she makes all the running, as under 13 she can not give consent. if parents make a demand for action then you have a sex offender. this is also the case, when you read about rapists not been convicted or receiving a caution.the police actually like these cases as they record it as a rape, then as a detected rape so if a woman is attacked at home and raped and no one is caught they can still claim a 50% detection rate. most adults today are sex offenders. any who touched another young person under the age of 16 commits an offence, as no consent can be given. and it can include stroking a bottom over the trousers and applies to both male and females.

LSAR Fri 18-Feb-11 14:43:55

They should not have any right what about their victims rights. It really annoys me this should not ever happen. I think it is wrong their even allowed to live in our community.

ilovemyhens Fri 18-Feb-11 14:52:21

How long will it be before paedophiles complain that paedophilia is a sexual orientation and not a criminal act and that they should have their rights respected?

I can see where all this is going sad

LSAR Fri 18-Feb-11 14:53:19

I do understand your points that some cases are different. It is the worse ones I am talking about. Do you not feel as the general public we have a right to know who we live next to so to speak. If some people were taken off the list they could end in our schools or certain jobs where they could pose a treat. Lets hope it does not happen.

Mingg Fri 18-Feb-11 20:59:26

Seriously ilovemyhens...

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