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Lenient sentence for baby rapist

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Bugzi Tue 09-Sep-03 15:00:22

I have a daughter who is 14 months old and the following has upset me so much. I happened to see the headline of The Sun newspaper on Saturday and what I read has distressed me so much. It was about a man who raped a 13 month old baby girl. The sentence he got is only 5 years of which they say he'll probably only serve 2 years. I am absolutely appalled and shocked that somebody so unbelievably evil will be back on our streets in such a short time (even 5 years is too short, let alone 2!!!). The Sun have a petition which you can sign and send off for the 'sacking' of the judge who handed out such a lenient sentence which I urge all of you to sign and send off. Unfortunately, it is up to the Crown Prosecution to apply for a longer sentence - I don't know that a petition would help in getting his sentence lengthened. Any one with a bit of legal background who can help? If a petition would help, then I suggest we get going and make sure people like this cannot walk our streets again. This is the link for the petition,,2-2003412531,,00.html and if you'd like to see the man who did this and make a mental imprint of his face so that we all know who he is, then go to this link Sorry if this has upset you but we need to protect our children.

SissyGirl Tue 09-Sep-03 15:05:48

I saw this in The Sun, my daughter is 14months too. It made me feel physically sick and still does thinking about it.

Brings it home when you're child is the same age... brings up al those - what if's

I'll sign a petition!

Jenie Tue 09-Sep-03 15:11:16

Couldn't agree more! Will do everything I can to make my friends aware of this and get them all to sign up.

doormat Tue 09-Sep-03 15:13:55

Bugzi I too read the story but in the Mirror.
It is totally disgusting and the sentence he got is just even worse.
TBH I dont know whether a petition will do anything to get his sentence lengthened (look at Jamie Bulgers case for an example) but it might oust the judge involved, if there is enough public sway of emotion.I really dont know what will come of it.

We do have a duty to protect our children incidentally we have a paedo who lives a few doors away from us. He was jailed for his dd and granddaughter.Because he owns the house there is nothing we can do to get rid of him. But me and my dh (especially dh) give him shite everytime we see him. Put it this way our local taxi firm boycotts his house because dh told them what he is. Dh also told him that if he ever goes near ANY kid he would personally ***** ******* *** ( too foul to repeat)He is an old man and done I think 7yrs but he should be hung, drawn and quatered IMO.

Angeliz Tue 09-Sep-03 15:18:31

Had a look and will sign too. It is disgusting and Vile and i think they are the lowest of the low! (That includes the moronic judge!)Things like this terrify me and worry me SOO much for when my dd has to go to school and be out of my sight! Sometimes i worry myself SICK about it!

SamboM Tue 09-Sep-03 15:24:38

I wonder what it was that made the judge so convinced that this pervert will not re-offend? Seems very odd to me. My dh has done some cases involving paedophiles and apparantly if they do feel remorse they can still find it impossible to resist re-offending.

I do remember him saying that he was told that the huge majority of paedos don't think they've done anything wrong and in fact think that the children they have abused have been "asking for it". Lovely.

I can't see why this bloke didn't get life I must say.

doormat Tue 09-Sep-03 15:26:56

SamboM apparently the judge has been lenient in a lot of his sentencing. He is supposed to be a crackpot judge.
He probably wears suzzies and suspenders under his robe. You know the sort.

SamboM Tue 09-Sep-03 15:27:43

...and slams his knob in the desk? Yes I know the type.

Well maybe he should be sent to prison too.

Bugzi Tue 09-Sep-03 15:27:47

Sissygirl, I didn't want to say, but I feel just the same. Having a child the same age brings it all home. I just cannot understand why......

Thanx Jenie, I'm also emailing like a mad woman at the moment to get everyone in my address book to sign a petition.

Doormat, you poor thing having that disgusting piece of filth living so near you. Good for you and dh giving him stick every time you see him, he should be tortured for the rest of his life which should be made as difficult as possible. It is very important that people know what he is and that kids are aware that he is extremely dangerous. I seriously worry about what I might do to someone like that if I ever got the chance.

doormat Tue 09-Sep-03 15:30:34

Bugzi cant touch him. He is protected by the LAW a load of bollox if you ask me.

SamboM glad you know the type. Public prat.

SissyGirl Tue 09-Sep-03 15:31:28


I've heard the same thing. It's (apparently) because they find children physically attractive.

I guess if someone said we/you weren't allowed to have sex with men/a man you'd still find them/him attractive even though someone has told you not to.

I'm not defending them with that statement. btw.

SamboM Tue 09-Sep-03 15:33:09

I would never defend them, however it is a genuine mental illness, they do not see things like we do. Chop off their goolies would be best all round.

Angeliz Tue 09-Sep-03 15:33:54

i used to work with abused kids and had to meet one "suspected" paedophile father and take them on a supervised visit!!!!! I left the job but now i have a dd it haunts me some of the stories i heard.. i put my paranoia down to it

Boe Tue 09-Sep-03 15:34:41

Sissygirl when at 6th form we had a psychologist (or some ologist) in to speak to us and they said that peadophilia was just another sexuality like hetro/homo etc..

I know it is not an excuse but if I was one I would just kill myself.

Doormat - can you not have pictures of this man printed and surupticiously drop them in the neighbourhood where you live of does everyone know what he is. Think I would find it hard not to go to the extreme of dropping shit through his letterbox and a few molatov cocktails.

Am hunting down and signing petition right now......

Angeliz Tue 09-Sep-03 15:36:38

stupid "ologist", to say that implies that it is normal!!

SissyGirl Tue 09-Sep-03 15:36:46

goolie chopping is one solution I s'pose.

but it's such a grey area so easy for justice to be miscarried.

imagine if someone in your family was wrongly acused and labelled as a pead when they'd nothing wrong...

Bugzi Tue 09-Sep-03 15:38:10

I cannot believe the laws in this country!! They are pathetic and protect scum. There was a similar case in South Africa a few years ago where a man raped a 9 month old baby girl (who nearly died, had to have a full hysterectomy and reconstructive surgery) and he got life. How can we call this country a 1st world country and SA a 3rd world country?!?! At least they get it right over there and send filth away for life. A life for a life. If you take someone's life or destroy their life, then you should have to pay with your own life.

doormat Tue 09-Sep-03 15:38:22

I dont really care whether they find kids attractive or not, they are sick, evil nasty perverts.
I know that you are not defending sissygirl.

There needs to be a total overhaul of the law in these cases.Once a person touches a child it should be an immediate mandatory life sentence (I am being humane here but this is not what I would personally do)to get the point to others who commit or are going to commit this heinious crime.
There should be no mercy at all.

Angeliz Tue 09-Sep-03 15:40:21

i totally agree doormat, if someone even touches a child once and has that perverse evil in them , throw away the key and make them suffer!

SamboM Tue 09-Sep-03 15:41:23

Of course, but there is always the risk. That is why as a civilised society we do not have goolie chopping or the death penalty.

I would not really chop off anyone's goolies.

My brother's first girlfriend's brother was a paedophile. Didn't find out until after he had stopped going out with her. It destroyed the family of course. I met him several times and he seemed like a perfectly normal bloke.

It does seem to be an insolvable problem. If they live in the community then they have sh*t poked through their doors etc, if an encampment was set up for them do you really think it would last 5 mins without being burnt down? Where are these people supposed to go? Is prison the right place and what about all the overcrowding.

As I said, there is no solution.

back to the goolies...

SissyGirl Tue 09-Sep-03 15:42:08


That story is horrific.

It's so hard to imagine that anyone could do such a thing really.

Just makes me want to grab my dd and give her such a big hug.

Is there anyway you can protect children 100% though? you can't be with them every second.

SamboM Tue 09-Sep-03 15:42:25

Oh my god Bugzi that is the worst thing I have ever heard. Made me cry immediately. Poor little thing.

Angeliz Tue 09-Sep-03 15:44:14

i'd rather have every paedophile in prison and pay more tax to build a purpose built one than on the streets. They dont deserve to live in society

doormat Tue 09-Sep-03 15:44:21

Boe everyone knows about him. A few of us "vigilantes" make sure all the new neighbours know of his habits.No-one goes near him.

Sissygirl I know what you are saying about being accused of a crime and not doing it. But I am sorry but there must be medical evidence to substantiate the claim of abuse.

Cutting off goolies would serve no purpose as they would probably use other means to get their vile kicks.
Sorry girls I am just so angry at the law in this country also the fact that there are human beings capable of this sort of shite.

doormat Tue 09-Sep-03 15:48:23

SamboM why not gather them all together and throw them on an island, that they cannot escape from. Let them feed and clothe themselves, not to diddle the taxpayer, and leave them to rot.

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