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SuperGran or SillyGran...??

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BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 10:59:22

I heard on the radio this morning about an elderly lady who attacked some would be thugs/burglars/shoplifters with her handbag and they ran away.(I haven't read the full story yet - apologies for this)

The woman was referred to as "Super Gran" by the person on radio but I wonder how "super" this behaviour actually is....??

My dad did something similar with some eejits on a bus who were throwing things at passengers and intimidating everyone - my dad, being all bravado, challenged them in a not so polite way, the eejits shit themselves and sat quietly for the rest of the journey - this worked out well for my dad, but I told dad that he was silly to do this as it could have cost him dearly. especially when the eejits could have followed him off the bus and jumped him...

Personally, I think this lady is very lucky, as her intervention could have gone the wrong way.

What do you think? Intervene or look the other way? I'm in two minds, I suppose it depends on the situation....

nipplesofthenorth Tue 08-Feb-11 11:06:12

The thing that amazed me about the film is that no-one else did anything until they saw the little old lady doing it. Good for her!

Personally I feel there is an embarrassing reluctance for most people to get involved.

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 11:10:56

blush suppose I should watch the film then eh?

Is it just a sign of the times where people look the other way?? Had the old lady actually harmed them in some way she may have been prosecuted for assault???

esselle Tue 08-Feb-11 11:11:14

I think she is fabulous!!

One hell of a handbag she has there!!

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 11:13:13

I'm not disputing how great the old lady is, I smiled when I heard the news report - good on her for having the bottle.

But what do you think her family will say? They could've lost her...

I think she's fab. If everyone is too scared to challenge criminal behaviour, we'll end up living in total terror.

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 11:21:21

Chickens - I'm nodding in agreement here.

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 11:22:11

But I'd also understand the person who said I'm not getting involved - do you see what I mean?

Totally in two minds.....

VeggieReggie Tue 08-Feb-11 11:23:48

"Had the old lady actually harmed them in some way she may have been prosecuted for assault???"

Don't be so silly.

Your dad was right to challenge bad behaviour on the bus, and this woman (please, she isn't that old, we have no idea whether she is a gran, and she looks quite it and active, but she's getting thoroughly stereotype for her public spirit sad) actedon instinct and out many other passers-by to shame.

Hopefully her family will be proud of her - but they don't own her, it was HER decision, so who cares what her family think.

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 11:32:42

again, I haven't seen the video yet, it was the person on radio that said SuperGran btw.

I started this thread to perhaps open up a discussion about the consequences of such actions using this lady as a reference.

I don't think I'm being silly at all - assaulting someone does carry consequences, at least it did the last time I checked...

My cousin once jumped on the back of a mugger being persued by the police. She was 14 at the time and all of 5 stone. The mugger kept running, but was slowed down enough for the police to catch him grin He wanted her arrested. The police laughed. They did tell her off, though, for intervening. She acted out of instinct. Very strong sense of justice, my tiny cousin.

VeggieReggie Tue 08-Feb-11 11:39:14

Assaulting people does. But it's a massive urban myth / DM exaggeration that anyone should be afraid of challenging someone in the process of a robbery by whacking them would be done for assault.
The big name cases are the farmer who shot a lad - shot, with a gun - as he was running away, so no danger to the farmer, a man who shot a child, ikn the back...and the man who had suffered terrible terrible experinces at the hands of a gang, then went and rounded up his own gang for a follow-up planned ttack with baseball bats. And he was let out of prison on appeal, I believe.

This woman hit armed robbers with a handbag.

In general, if people believe they can help without obvious immediate danger to themselves, why wouldn't they?

God, what a nation of pathetic whitterers we are.

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 11:53:46

"if people believe they can help without obvious immediate danger to themselves, why wouldn't they?"

I actually agree with you Veggie! I think you may be getting a tad worked up for no reason though.

I'm just putting it out there for discussion that sometimes acting on impulse in these situations can lead to more severe consequences...

Your arguement does seem a little one-sided though IMO, what about the man who confronted a gang of lads throwing snowballs - he was beaten up and left for dead. Plus many more similar stories, hence starting this thread so have a genuine debate or even WWYD in this circumstance.

I have no intention of getting into a slagging match on this thread with anyone who differs in opinion - but people need to see both sides wouldn't you agree?

MmeLindt Tue 08-Feb-11 11:58:27

Here is the video

Good on her.

Did you notice that lots of people came running when she laid into them?

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 12:06:47

Laughing my arse off here at the guy who fell off his bike hahahahahaha!!! He must have shit his pants.

That wee woman does deserve a medal, but honestly I think she was lucky that the robbers seemed to be amateurs and shit themselves, rather than smacking her one and sending her flying....but maybe I've been reading too much Martina Cole...blush

What do you think about the person behind the camera a)good idea for catching evidence on film or b)stop filming and help??

hmm I still don't know if I'd like my gran to do the same, or even my mum or dad.

I suppose no one really knows what they would do unless the situation presents itself

MmeLindt Tue 08-Feb-11 12:12:01

I suspect the fact that it was a little old lady saved her bacon. They may well have reacted differently if it had been an older guy.

It is not really comparable with yobs on a bus though, who are up for causing trouble.

Blu Tue 08-Feb-11 12:24:35

The thing is, many robbers and muggers are amateurs - when do they get the practice? I tend to be instinctively a 'turn and fight' typ of person and have twice fought off muggers - verbally, not physically - and also chased lads who nicked a bag into an estate, yelling at them, bluffing to one lot that I had seen which flat their friends ran into, so they needed to return the bag or they would be convicted. In all 3 cases, they caved in and ran off mumbling apologies.

There are horrible incidents of this going wrong, but if the normal response is for adults to watch and do nothing, we will have a lawless mess.

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 12:30:18

Point well made Blu - and well done you for getting the better of the muggers.

Although it does not seem it, I am actually a fight back kind of person aswell - it's just that I don't want my mum, dad, gran, grandpa to do this for fear of losing them.

Hey ho! Another victory against the scumbags of today anyway.

Thanks all for your input - and be sure always have a handbag at the ready

PaisleyLeaf Tue 08-Feb-11 12:33:29

The smash and grab thing works because of the surprise element. She totally out-surprised them!

I expect they're the laughing stock of their little underworld now. grin

BuzzLiteBeer Tue 08-Feb-11 12:38:23

I think that too many people stay still when they should do something.

My DH was in traffic one night when he saw a man trying to carjack a women, dragging her out of her car by her hair. At least 20 people about, nobody moved. He got out and leapt on the man. He did get slightly injured and it could have been worse, but you don't just stand by and watch someone smaller and more vulnerable than you get attacked.

ValiumSandwichTime Tue 08-Feb-11 12:41:10

@veggie, was reading on mn the other day about 'DecentDragon' who was given a caution for biting a burglar who broke into her home. It was on the thread about the mother who got a caution for leaving her 3 year old with her 14 year old for half an hour.

Chil1234 Tue 08-Feb-11 12:57:19

I think she's terrific & put everyone else to shame. Wonder if she's ex-army or police or something?

crazyspaniel Tue 08-Feb-11 13:47:57

There is a difference between getting involved to protect a fellow human-being, and helping to protect the stock of a jewellery store. I wouldn't have been inclined to stop a sledgehammer-wielding gang from taking what would have been insured goods from a Rolex shop either (though, having been mugged and fought back successfully, but probably stupidly, I do accept that people act on instinct sometimes). And I don't suppose the store manager was trying desperately to stop the theft - he and his staff would have been trained just to lower the armoured blinds and press the alarm button. People did, however, come to the lady's assistance once she got involved, which is fair enough since it had then turned into a rather different situation to theft. But she put herself and those who helped her in a potentially very dangerous position and they are lucky the outcome wasn't worse.

earwicga Tue 08-Feb-11 13:50:02

I think what your dad is very different from what this woman did.

Good on your dad for stopping abusive behaviour towards the other passengers. I wish more people would do this.

The woman was really stupid. Protecting a shop from armed robbers when the shutters were going down anyway. Really stupid.

BurnAfterReading Tue 08-Feb-11 13:58:46

"There is a difference between getting involved to protect a fellow human-being, and helping to protect the stock of a jewellery store"

Very good point - I agree.

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