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Boots selling paternity testing kits

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sungirltan Tue 01-Feb-11 20:22:42

I have just seen this on the news - can't find a thread on it but might be looking in the wrong place.

I can't really form an opinion about whether I think its a good idea or not but dying to know what others think???

Mumcentreplus Tue 01-Feb-11 20:37:50

Well I saw this on the news this morning...and apparently you have to get consent from all parties or you are breaking the law..wonder how many people will care? hmm

MommaFeelgood Tue 01-Feb-11 20:39:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saltatrix Tue 01-Feb-11 20:47:27

Well it's bound to happen and it's neither a bad or good thing people should be able to know whether a child is theirs.

sungirltan Tue 01-Feb-11 20:51:56

mumcentreplus - really? the consent thing? oh dear - i mean obviously that is the ethical approach but then open to abuse? i can only speculate

Snuppeline Tue 01-Feb-11 20:55:25

Agree it was probably just about time. Lots of people out there who wonder if they are indeed related to whomever they have considered brother/sister/father.

Mumcentreplus Tue 01-Feb-11 20:58:45

really sungirl!!...but could it be enforced??...

sungirltan Tue 01-Feb-11 21:02:40

i dont know mcp - sounds like something that should have some legislation behind it before it went on sale.

i think it opens a wider debate about whether its ever ethical to conceal parternity?

Mumcentreplus Tue 01-Feb-11 21:19:36

The thing is you may not actually know the true paternity!!...then what?...human reproduction is a complex could you prove a woman knew she was concealing paternity?...

Saltatrix Tue 01-Feb-11 21:23:16

Well you would ask why she failed to inform of the possibility he is not the father. She would have had to have had sex with someone else around the same time.

CaptainKirksNipples Tue 01-Feb-11 21:25:18

I don't really understand it tbh. It will cost £30 to buy off the shelf, then you need to phone a counselling helpline and book the test, you pay £130 extra for the results. I think there also has to be 3 sets of DNA (mum dad and child). At £160 it's not likely to be used by many people.

Mumcentreplus Tue 01-Feb-11 21:27:50

Well if it was between Jeremy Vile and £160 ...

BaroqueAroundTheClock Tue 01-Feb-11 21:30:14

well I guess it's cheaper than some other places

CaptainKirksNipples Tue 01-Feb-11 21:31:21

I dunno, don't think you get free flights to London with the box in boots grin

StuffingGoldBrass Sat 05-Feb-11 19:23:25

Saltatrix: a woman can get PG unexpectedly when she is not in any kind of monogamous relationship. Then she might have to try to work out who the likeliest sperm donor is, and might get it wrong.

dadaz Mon 07-Feb-11 20:14:26

"Sperm donor"....that would probably suggest that she had been with more than two men having unprotected sex?

Charades anyone?

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