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Flu jab

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Claire1lou Fri 07-Jan-11 11:25:39

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and just had flu jab! I agonised over having it for weeks and now I've had it I'm so worried! Has any one else been vaccinated?

Nevereatyellowsnow Fri 07-Jan-11 11:50:32

Why are you worried? I haven't had it but I'm taking my 15mo ds for his next week

Fuchzia Fri 07-Jan-11 11:57:01

I had it last year at 7 months pregnant . Like you I stressed over it a lot but seem to have a healthy happy little baby as do all the friends I know who also had the jab - try not to worry too much.

Claire1lou Fri 07-Jan-11 12:37:18

Thank u, sometimes it's difficult to know what's the best thing to do. Hopefully all will b ok

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