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Does anyone read The Huffington Post?

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mdavza Tue 04-Jan-11 12:55:40

I'm a bit of a News junkie, I pay for the Times and have recently started reading The Huffpost. Quite enjoying it too, more than Salon or NY Times. Anybody else?

Asinine Wed 05-Jan-11 18:46:07

I love it, the living and comedy section especially. Hardly ever buy a magazine. If you are a closet cyber geek you might also like TED .

LucyGoose Wed 05-Jan-11 19:44:56

Yes, love it. Live just outside Washington DC so get all the news, but tha just seems to cover from a diff angle

jackstarb Wed 05-Jan-11 22:45:01

You might also like the The Browser. They just pick the best articles each day.

Asinine Thu 06-Jan-11 08:44:14

Just checked out The Browser, thanks for suggestion. Am looking for entertainment as have broken ankle and stuck in house for next 6 weeks!

jackstarb Thu 06-Jan-11 10:06:06

Asinine - you poor thing!

The Browser's good for (non fiction) book reviews. Are you on twitter? Following a few interesting people might distract you. Anything that keeps you away from day time tv is worth a trysmile.

I also get the Huffington - but I feel bit guilty if I delete them unread.

Asinine Thu 06-Jan-11 10:36:10

Day time TV is definitely not worth the effort of crawling downstairs. Will investigate twitter and there is always the radio....thanks for all suggestions.

jackstarb Thu 06-Jan-11 12:22:45

Radio 4 is excellent and radio 7 is good for comedy and drama. Have you tried the the iplayer and suscribing to radio podcasts?

thighsmadeofcheddar Thu 06-Jan-11 12:24:33

Do you watch Jon Stewart on The Daily Show? (More 4 @ 8.30pm most nights) Excellent news parody.

Asinine Thu 06-Jan-11 15:04:08

Have just signed up for twitter, although remain devoutly antifacebook. Had forgotten about radio 7 so thanks for reminder. Iplayer does not work on my iPad as needs flash but can do podcasts. Will try Jon Stewart- anything to keep me cheerful. Your name made me chuckle, Cheese!

jackstarb Thu 06-Jan-11 17:04:19

If you're on an iPad - get the free app for The Browser. The iPad Twitter app is very pretty too!

I discovered iBooks on holiday this summer - I'd spend a fortune on them if stuck in the house for 6 weeks smile.

Btw - Twitter is definitely superior to FB! At least, the Tweeters think so!

A popular christmas day tweet went something like - "On this day let us remember those less fortunate than us, who are pissing around on FaceBook."grin.

Ewe Thu 06-Jan-11 17:10:00

Have you got the Words with Friends app for your iPad - it's like scrabble but you can play multiple games simultaneously with random opponents and you can take as much time as you like. A good time waster!

I really like Huff Post, like many things, don't seem to have enough time to read.

Oh and you can use iplayer on iPad, it uses quicktime not flash and you can watch 4OD on YouTube.

Asinine Thu 06-Jan-11 17:58:18

Thanks Ewe, don't know why I thought It needed flash. Looking forward to watching iplayer Will try words with friends too. Love iBooks although can be overpriced.
I liked the Christmas tweet, may forward to my friends who think I'm a Luddite for ignoring facebook grin.
Poor dh has his 40th birthday today and he had to buy his own cake as my baking skills are hampered by poor balance on crutches.. blush. However entering into the spirit of things with a glass of champagne.
Cheers everyone!

Watersign76 Fri 07-Jan-11 22:56:39

I like the Huff Post and mainly access via Twitter. I like the Impact section, socially good stories.

I also like

Not exactly related....but a interesting graph here that I saw tonight about who is on FB and who is on Twitter.

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