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Elton John and baby

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WelshCerys Tue 28-Dec-10 11:49:46 ohn-becomes-a-father-2170691.html

Elton John and partner become parents through surrogacy. A baby boy.

Mixed feelings.

raspberryroo Tue 28-Dec-10 11:54:31

Me 2

SantasMadMissy Tue 28-Dec-10 11:58:09

Are either one the biological father?

TheFeministParent Tue 28-Dec-10 12:00:31

What difference would 'biological' make?

Can they cloth, feed and shelter the child? Yes.

Will they love the child? Yes, as much as any other parent.

SantasMadMissy Tue 28-Dec-10 12:03:19

None at all for me! Didn't say that it did! Was just asking as was no mention of it in the article.

Like you I think that if a child is brought up well cared for and happily then sex of the parents are irrelevant.

SantasMadMissy Tue 28-Dec-10 12:03:55


Cyb Tue 28-Dec-10 12:05:13

I would LOVE Elton John to adopt any of my 3

Or at least be their (very wealthy) Godfather

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