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This brought tears to my eyes - what a lovely story.

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Notalone Sat 25-Dec-10 00:28:15

norfolkBRONZEturkey Sat 25-Dec-10 00:35:13

Makes you wonder about angels doesn't it

kid Sat 25-Dec-10 00:37:21

yes that is a lovely story. There are still some decent people out there, not many but some do exist.

LadyintheRadiator Sat 25-Dec-10 21:29:43

Gah am sobbing

Valpollicella Sat 25-Dec-10 21:34:05

Oh sad What a lovely act of random kindness <sob>

BertieBottlesOfMulledWine Sat 25-Dec-10 21:39:20

That's so lovely

5ElvesMooningSanta Sat 25-Dec-10 21:56:22

What a lovely (yet awfully sad) story.

ashamedandconfused Thu 30-Dec-10 12:42:46

sniff sob sniff

lovely heart-warming story

I am sure that stories like this go underreported you know - there are good samaritans all over the place

ashamedandconfused Thu 30-Dec-10 12:43:39

Oh and I hope the original guard has read that and knows what an impact he has had not just on that one man but as a knock on effect


GlynistheMincePie Thu 30-Dec-10 12:55:05

thanks for bumping this (*sniffs and wipes tears) much on MN today about jumping to conclusions and preconceptions

[peaceful smiley]

TheMonster Thu 30-Dec-10 12:55:59

I can;t get the link to work sad

Laneigejaune Thu 30-Dec-10 22:18:40


montysorry Thu 30-Dec-10 22:24:36

cant type for the tears soaking my keyboard.

donnie Fri 31-Dec-10 10:32:30

Lovely. A good lesson to us all.

SquigglePigs Fri 31-Dec-10 19:53:34

My other half is wondering why I'm sat here crying! Gorgeous story.

queenrollo Fri 31-Dec-10 20:21:19

What a wonderful article.

I did something similar once. I'd do it again too.

IAmReallyFabNow Fri 31-Dec-10 20:25:02

Reminds me of the time I ran away from a job and a lady gave me money for a train ticket. British rail wouldn't help me though but I found a security guard who gave me enough money to get home.

thisisyesterday Fri 31-Dec-10 20:41:20

wow, that's amazing. if only more people did things like that

McDreamy Fri 31-Dec-10 20:48:05

Well I thought I'd read the story to see what you bunch of softies were blubbing about, I mean fgs, crying over a newspaper story hmm - so I read it, anyone got a tissue? blush what a lovely story. Thanks for posting that Notalone!

Notalone Sat 01-Jan-11 18:03:24

Oh - I didn't realise anyone else had read it after Xmas day. I just re read it and the tears are back. blush. I hope that conductor has read the story and knows the effect that one action has had on the man's life. Truly lovely smile

DaisySteiner Sat 01-Jan-11 18:18:37

The story's available on iplayer if anyone fancies listening to it.

Notalone Sat 01-Jan-11 18:38:22

Thanks Daisy. I do smile

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