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dog kills woman

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ilovesprouts Fri 24-Dec-10 09:27:34

poor lady killed by a belguim mastif

claig Fri 24-Dec-10 09:40:34 -dies-attacked-mastiff-dog.html

Very sad

Piffle Fri 24-Dec-10 10:24:12

Unlikely to be a Belgian mastiff as they are pretty much extinct...

SlartyBartFast Fri 24-Dec-10 10:27:05


ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Fri 24-Dec-10 10:33:07

how sad sad

ilovesprouts Fri 24-Dec-10 11:21:25

yes it very sad this time of year ,but any dog can attack pedigree or mongrel {sad]

Nancy66 Fri 24-Dec-10 11:59:59

Horrible. Poor woman. What an unimaginably painful, savage death.

Shame we can't put the owners down as well.

Goblinchild Fri 24-Dec-10 12:45:27

From the news reports, it seems as if the dog had been reported by neighbours for howling and barking and being chained up outside for hours.
The police and dog people apparently said they could do nothing until the dog harmed someone.
They are looking for the lodger, who was the dog's owner.
If you traumatise and neglect any living thing, the consequences are fairly predictable. The bigger the animal, the more dramatic the fallout.
There have also been reports of a young child in the house.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Fri 24-Dec-10 16:02:46

hopefully not during the attack goblin?

DooinMeCleanin Fri 24-Dec-10 16:10:04

Yes. Ilove. I think it wsa Sky News reported that a woman of similar age to the victim and a small child were in the house during the attack, but it doesn't say they were injured.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Fri 24-Dec-10 16:15:12

oh no. that must have been very traumatic for teh child. not saying it isn't for teh adults but adults will be able to rationalise their fear and know that teh risk of this happening with anotehr dog is very small. a child may be left petrified for life. so sad all round.

cheesesarnie Fri 24-Dec-10 16:16:46


Ephiny Mon 27-Dec-10 15:18:58

This story is all kinds of strange actually, seems a very odd situation where a 52 year old female lawyer (who you'd expect to be fairly wealthy and have a home of her own, and probably a husband/family too) would be living as a lodger in the home of an unrelated man, who was also using the premises for growing cannabis, along with another woman and a small child, and with an extremely rare breed of dog chained up in the back yard...

It's a terrible tragedy that the woman died and a healthy dog was shot and a child had to witness all this, but it seems like there were some really strange circumstances leading up to it.

CaptainNancy Mon 27-Dec-10 15:32:55

They are reporting head injuries, so I am wondering if she had been attacked prior to the 'dog attack' IYSWIM?

Horrible situation for all concerned.

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