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Don't know if this has been posted yet - Guardian article about complications in childbirth

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AbsofCroissant Tue 14-Dec-10 13:32:29

Not the for the faint-hearted (or eating) here

I think it's referring to the ragged bits thread on MN?

Very interesting, but TERRIFYING as someone who is looking to give birth one day.

muriel76 Tue 14-Dec-10 21:00:38


I talked to the reporter for this article but they have not used my case study. That's not a problem.

But lack of information during pregnancy is a problem, in my experience.

That's all I can say really.

pointythings Tue 14-Dec-10 21:43:57

I've read the article - I have some ongoing problems (very minor in comparison) due to 2nd degree tear during a very fast second delivery. I'm just glad that this is getting some air time, we need research into effective treatments and support in delivery that may help prevent this kind of thing, and we need to remove the stigma so that women will get help immediately.

glovesoflove Tue 14-Dec-10 21:59:49

Agreed, it's a scandal that women suffer in silence. I never forgot a lady I met when I was a student nurse who had had a fistula repaired - she was SO grateful to the surgeon, even he was touched to the point of tears.
It is frightening, it is relatively rare, but it shouldn't be a secret or a taboo and there needs to be lots of support and help for those who do suffer serious damage.

discobeaver Wed 15-Dec-10 18:15:16

Second the lack of information. All I got told was there 'could' be some tearing of the perineum. Reading 'instead of two holes, I had one' made me shudder.

I ended up with over 30 stitches but no long term damage, (baby had shoulder dystocia). I had a C section next time and will again.

I thought it was interesting when they said a large proportion of obstetricians opt for C sections for their own births, because by the time forceps are needed, it's too late for a section and damage is much more likely.

Personal choice of course, but you need to be bale to make an informed decision.

weasle Sat 18-Dec-10 21:31:13

Obstetric fistulas are a huge problem worldwide. Amazing book about the Ethiopia fistula hospital hospital by the river. Inspirational story by a female surgeon who is now the world expert at fixing obstetric fistulas.

they aren't very common in developed countries thank goodness, but good that it has been raised. Some of the stories in that book made me weep. More common in developed countries as women often give birth unattended by any skilled help with no option for forceps or section - many days walk from a clinic. And they may be married and therefore pregnant at a young age with an immature pelvis.

No childbirth is without risk. Obstetricians opt for sections as they rarely see straightforward births - they only get involved when some thing is not going well. Doesn't mean that is right or safer. C-sections can result in hernias, bowel or bladder injuries, blood clots etc.

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