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In all this bad news, the good news is that Dick ...

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MumInBeds Wed 10-Nov-10 19:43:34

... Van Dyke has been saved by porpoises.

c0rns1lk Wed 10-Nov-10 19:44:12

I saw that this morning! He made it up I reckon.

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 10-Nov-10 19:46:26

hah hah hah

(I do LOVE DVD though)

yo, corny <hi five>

hocuspontas Wed 10-Nov-10 19:48:00

Yikes! I thought he had died ages ago. blush

thisisyesterday Wed 10-Nov-10 19:48:24

ha! thqat's the best thing i've read allllll day

c0rns1lk Wed 10-Nov-10 19:49:24

<hi fives BALD>

c0rns1lk Wed 10-Nov-10 19:50:23

I reckon he was having a turn.How old is he? On a surf board my arse - bet he was in an armchair watching Baywatch.

MoralDefective Wed 10-Nov-10 20:43:06

So glad he's okhmm

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