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Police strip and violently assault woman in the UK

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PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sat 30-Oct-10 08:12:59

I am astonished and ashamed that this can happen in Britain. The victim is taking action against Police....surely the Police should be prosecuting these officers?

disturbing images

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sat 30-Oct-10 08:19:26


huddspur Sat 30-Oct-10 08:20:37

Terrible, is it me or do we seem to be seeing a lot more examples of these cases recently.

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sat 30-Oct-10 08:21:28

It's not you.

HalloweeseG Sat 30-Oct-10 08:23:08

Nice girl! She attacked police officers.

PosieComeHereMyPreciousParker Sat 30-Oct-10 08:25:50

Eh? Did you watch this HalloweeseG?

HalloweeseG Sat 30-Oct-10 08:27:27

No I just read it.

RiverOfSleep Sat 30-Oct-10 08:27:56

Very sensationalist reporting, and not giving us the full picture. Everyone who is arrested has to be searched - if they don't consent, how else can they be searched but by force?

HalloweeseG Sat 30-Oct-10 08:36:02

I've watched and and I was shocked. But...if she refused to be searched then what are they supposed to do? Why was she in there in the first place? Had she already commited assault on her partner or a police officer?

The police officers involved are undoubtedly in big trouble now but innocent young ladies don't get put into police cells for no reason.

nortine Sat 30-Oct-10 08:41:22

Shocking but I'm not surprised. My brother was arrested not so long ago and I'm not too happy how he was treaty when in custody.

legostuckinmyhoover Sat 30-Oct-10 08:54:22

i cant actually watch it all-it makes me feel sick.

it is absolutely disgusting, degrading, barbaric. how horrific. that poor, poor woman. that will take a long time to get over.

you must be kidding to say sensationalist or but...surely? i could see no need to be treated/violated like this at all. hope the police are deblt with severly.

nortine Sat 30-Oct-10 08:55:52


DemonChild Sat 30-Oct-10 09:58:28

Ummm, LOTS of innocent people get put in police cells. Including 'young ladies' (wtf?) Just becuase you get arrested does not mean you're guilty - that's what the courts are for.

And no matter what you're guilty of I see no reason for that sort of treatment, that was barbaric.

TheGhostlyPirate Sat 30-Oct-10 10:04:38

They handled this situation badly but she is evidently no angel either. It's quite right the case should be dropped and a complaint made if only for an investigation to ensure nobody else is treated like that. She fought back at officers and I am not sure how they are meant to handle these things. Leaving her to calm down if they are unsure what she has on her may not be an option. She may have a weapon, she may intend to self harm or may have a history of this.
I suspect though that the outcome she wants is not a learning one but a monetory one.

edam Sat 30-Oct-10 10:06:59

hallow, by your reasoning we could save millions of pounds by abolishing the entire courts system. Because clearly the police have some kind of special powers that allow them to tell who is guilty and who is innocent. Why bother taking them to court when you know they are guilty because they've been arrested?

And you also seem to believe anyone who has been arrested can be assaulted and abused - odd that, as you are saying everyone who has been arrested is a criminal but the police are entitled to break the law.

ISNT Sat 30-Oct-10 10:14:06

I couldn't watch all of it either.

For those who don't think they need to see it to decide that she asked for it hmm she is stripped naked and left crying in the cell. Later she is sitting quietly trying to cover herself with the plastic mattress from the bed and 4 officers come in and throw her onto the ground, stand on her, sit on her, forcibly restrain her and leave her bound, injured, naked, face down sobbing on the floor. She was sitting quietly, not doing anything when this happened.

allstarsprincess Sat 30-Oct-10 10:15:54

This is horrendous.

ISNT Sat 30-Oct-10 10:16:10

ghostlypirate what are you talking about? She didn't have any weapons, she was naked. Sitting quietly when 4 officers suddenly stormed in and basically attacked her. Have you watched it?

Those police officers need to be arrested. Seriously that was shocking.

ThighsWideShitItsAGhost Sat 30-Oct-10 10:17:42

Having worked in police cells, I know the difference between necessary control and restraint, and unprovoked, unnecessary behaviour. This definitely seems like the latter.

But, we only see what the CCTV shows us, and I'm sure there is another side to that story. If a custodian is showing violent/threatening behaviour, than a control and restraint situation is absolutely necessary. If she was suicidal, again, necessary to remove anything that she can use to cause self harm. We don't see the timer on the video; this scene could have been going on for hours. If the girl is not going to give, then action needs to be taken.

I feel for her, her dignity has been taken away, and she wasn't treated great. But we don't know what her behaviour was like prior to that.

byrel Sat 30-Oct-10 10:19:48

This is dreadful and I can't believe some people are defending it, the woman only asked to call her mum not an unreasonable request and they set on her like a pack of animals.

ISNT Sat 30-Oct-10 10:20:33

Why do people keep talking about removing things from her? She was already naked when this happened.

If the police were behaving in an appropriate manner then why was the case thrown out of court?

nigglewiggle Sat 30-Oct-10 10:21:19

Unfortunately it sometimes is necessary to search people by force. However, it speak volumes that the case against this woman has been dropped. If her behaviour had justified such treatment (difficult to imagine how) then she would have been prosecuted.

foreverastudent Sat 30-Oct-10 10:22:32


and shame on you, Halloween

ISNT Sat 30-Oct-10 10:23:38

Why do people keep talking about searching people and removing weapons from them? She was already naked. Please clarify.

SlartyBartFast Sat 30-Oct-10 10:25:37

i spose this is why we have cctv in the cells.

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