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The Benefits cap

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sarah293 Sat 09-Oct-10 17:25:57

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sun 10-Oct-10 18:52:34

Message withdrawn

SanctiMoanyArse Sun 10-Oct-10 18:52:47

And yet it is ahppening.

I am supposed to start training as a SW in 2012 (whenDH graduates so can take over childcare around his working from home)- also when I complete my MA in Autism.

I will do it becuase I care enough; I am not convinced there will be a job for me.

burgandy Sun 10-Oct-10 18:54:58

I know it it happening. I am no tory poster girl, I have never voted tory in my life.

spiritedaway Thu 24-Jan-13 18:42:44

Families in social housing do not get a bedroom each. My 3 share 1 room, number 4 has little room and i have a sofa bed downstairs. I had 4. So judge me. They have every right to exist. Their dad has no contact, is wealthy but self employed and lying to csa. Where is the criticism of non paying parents? I am at home looking after them. I am a qualified professional and will go back when baby is 2.

NC78 Fri 25-Jan-13 16:35:06

zombie thread

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