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Aleppo: How can we help these poor people?

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MrsPeppapig Fri 16-Dec-16 22:49:47

How is this possible? This depraved cruelty. How can we help them? What can I do to help them? I want to help them.

This world is poisoned with hatred and selfishness and greed.

I feel so sad and helpless. They need help. They need our help.

MrsPeppapig Fri 16-Dec-16 23:04:53

Anyone? Does anyone know what, if, anything is being done to help the innocents?

RJnomore1 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:06:08

I have no idea tbh. Perhaps we help the refuges already in Britain?

MrsPeppapig Sun 18-Dec-16 16:01:56

The world is becoming even more unsafe with Trump and Putin partnering up, with inaction rather than action, with apathy rather than empathy.

I suppose I can only help from where I am. I donated some children's clothes to the the Syria appeal. Me trying to help seems futile, while knowing these people are still not out of harms way.

I despair at how desperate the situation is sad

Chaotica Sun 18-Dec-16 16:11:57

It's a difficult one. We can donate, but the aid isn't even getting through to the people of Aleppo. And there aren't that many refugees in the UK to help compared to the millions of displaced (or besieged) Syrians in Syria and neighbouring countries. CitizensUK are organising to get a better response on a local level. Someone can have my spare room if they need it.

MrsPeppapig Sun 18-Dec-16 17:47:07

We rent, unfortunately, so wouldn't be able to offer a spare room.

I'm going to look up that website for more insight into how I could be of help to the refugees.

I just wish there was more I could do to help - like solve this entire crisis!

EagleIsland Sun 18-Dec-16 17:51:06

It's tough, aid isn't making it through, instead it's sold/stolen or traded for weapons.

There is no answer to this one we are entering a dark time. I fear that for some countries things will get harder.

cdtaylornats Sun 14-May-17 22:09:16

Someone can have my spare room if they need it.

How about a homeless person in the UK

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