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Baby carriers for refugee families

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CarriersForKos Mon 21-Nov-16 21:48:43

Over the past year I have been running a charity projct with the aim of providing baby carriers and maternity supplies to families in crisis in the refugee movement. These families are often travelling many uncertain miles with no way of carrying their infants and toddlers.

My aim is to give what small respite I can in the form of baby carriers, to take the strain off tired arms and help babies feel more secure in some gruelling circumstances. So far I have sent almost 1000 donated carriers to Samos, Chios, camps near Athens and into Syria. I have also co ordinated a project to send 200 Maternity Boxes - containing clothes and newborn essentials - to mothers travelling pregnant with no provisions for the birth of their babies.

As media interest ebbs, the need remains strong and so I'm reaching out to the mothers here to see if any of you have any unused or unwanted baby carriers that we can send on to those in desperate need. I also work closely with collection points all over the UK to collect and send warm clothes for the cold European winters that people of Middle Eastern origin are simply not prepared to deal with. If you have warm clothes, coats, jumpers and particularly sturdy and waterproof shoes I can point you in the right direction to donate them.

I'm presently collecting for a container going out in mid December, and really need all the help I can get! I also have a fundraiser that can be found at
This also contains much more information about what we do and links to our facebook groups and website.

Thanks for reading x

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