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Homeless & very stressed

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GobbyBear30 Sun 11-Sep-16 18:49:42

Hello everyone ,
I'm new & no idea if I'm posting in the right section , in desperate need of advice ...
Please bare with me 😞
I've always private rented as I've always been in a lucky enough position to afford too , I have 2 young children 6 years old & 5 months , I've been diagnosed with bilateral PE of the lungs which is life threatening , currently being seen by cardiology due to heart issues and suffer with depression & anxiety ... So have been out of work this year ... Now to add to everything my landlord needs to sell the house I live in as he needs the money , so I'm being evicted by bailiffs in a week , his given me a great reference I've been a good tenant & always paid my rent ...
I've had no choice but to file homelessness with my local council Enfield ... All they keep saying is when the bailiffs come I can come to their offices & they'll help me as I'm on a priority list ... This means nothing to me .. That's all they really say ... I'm petrified .. What will they do ? No one will explain it .. I can't eat / sleep ..
Any advice / experiences would be great , I'm fearing the Unknown 😞

Luckybe40 Mon 12-Sep-16 15:29:52

Hey, I've got absolutely no advice but you should post this in chat for traffic. Good luck.

tiredandhungryalways Mon 12-Sep-16 15:38:55

That sounds incredibly difficult. Don't har any advice but good luck and hope this is resolved quickly

GreenGoth89 Mon 12-Sep-16 15:52:50

They will likely put you in emergency housing - could be a flat or it could be a b&b. After that it's a case of bidding on properties. Most councils have a system that those who are in the top banding (which you would be in due to your DCs and health) can only be in the top banding for X amount of time. If you haven't been successful bidding in that time then they will likely direct match you to a property - but if you don't accept that property they no longer have an obligation to house you. It's different for each council but that's how it worked for me - I ended up with somewhere nice in an OK area, but I've since swapped to a totally different area. Make sure you have an advocate if you can - lots of councils will try and get out of any obligations they have if their residents aren't well informed about their rights and the councils policies.

GobbyBear30 Sat 17-Sep-16 15:47:12

Thank you for your replies , hoping for the best xx

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