Noisy kids 10.30pm

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36mum Sat 09-Jul-16 22:39:30

I wasn't sure which topic to put this under.

Nextdoor are having 6 boys of various ages camping in their back garden tonight. They are all currently running wild around the streets and park opposite. Shreeking and laughing, banging the park gate, hide and seek etc it's driving me mad. Nobody is in control of them, the neighbours are useless they must be having a relaxing time without them.

What am I supposed to do?

We share a driveway and some of them hide behind our cars. They have a basketball hoop down the side and still play even though our cars are there. Why am I the only one complaining?

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queenofthepirates Sat 09-Jul-16 22:48:34

Honestly? It's only 10.30pm and it's a weekend. I appreciate it's annoying but it's hardly that late! Call the parents at midnight.

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