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highlighting the dangers and creating awareness to those who could be going through the same thing as myself

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dotingmommy89 Sun 18-Oct-15 14:47:27

the legal system has completely let me down.

Hi everyone i dont want to come across as ranting but to create awareness and shed light on issues that others could be going through aswell as myself. Ok here goes.
Im a woman who has been through an ordeal of violence and manipulation for 5 years. My beautiful daughter was concieved through rape at the hands of this man. I didnt have anyone to turn to i felt alone and that i wouldnt be believed if i ever spoke out. I gave birth to my daughter when i was i was 7 months pregnant due to the stress and the fact that he threw me up a wall and caused placental abruption we almost died. This man has not only caused me emotional scarring but to add insult to injury decided to apply for contact to see my daughter only when i applied for a non molestation order. The judge is ruling in his favour to have contact. How is that fair in the rights of protecting a child. The police have failed they didnt even bother to interview my fanily and friends didnt even video interview me. Where is the justice in protecting our children these days?

Kmoggy Tue 09-Aug-16 20:13:13

Hi, I'm so sorry that this has happened to you and you have been failed. Can I ask if you reported this violence to anyone at all? Even a gp? The reason I ask is because without some kind of evidence or log of it, the crappy courts will literally act on he said she said! I see this happening so many time with my work and it really sucks for mums.

mee16 Sat 29-Oct-16 17:07:15

I am sorry to hear ur story but I went through similar for 8 years and has been given contact to our daughter and social workers cafcass and judges have just gone completly against me even though I had medical evidence but no police. They didn't ask anyone and he used me to stay in the country and was unsuccessfull and is now using our child.
There is no justice as far as I'm concerned and the court system is shit. Excuse my language but it takes the piss.
I had a judge who told me that I made up all the violence and that me having a injections to avoid me having blood cot and dieing was no excuse for me to do a runner.. thought professionals weren't ment to tell u their opinion???
I feel exactly the same as u and argue where are our rights?

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