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Apartheid is alive and kicking - the world looks on.

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Yruapita Sun 13-Jul-14 00:42:36

Imagine if I told you that in South Africa, all black people have been taken from their homes and been imprisoned. Their homes have been taken over by white people and now all those black people are prisoners and are left to die in an open air prison. Their belongings are not theirs anymore. Their house and land has been built on to house more white people and they have been told that they will never return.

In the prison their calorie intake is rationed and they are regularly denied medical treatment. The more serious cases have to appeal to the whites for treatment in hospitals, but the white people delay the decision so much that the black people die without receiving medical intervention.

Children make up half the population of the prison. The children throw stones at the police as a protest, some get shot dead. Some prisoners have managed to smuggle in arms to resist the oppression. They throw rockets out of the prison camp to say that they will die resisting this oppression. As a result the oppressors start bombing the living daylights out of the prison camp and their action receives support from world leaders for protecting its civilians and calling the prisoners aggressive.

You probably know by now that i am talking about the Palestine/Israel situation. The world would be rightly appalled by the above, yet why is the world silent over israeli/palestinian apartheid.

Nelson Mandela said “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"

He saw apartheid for what it is. Why are we letting this apartheid continue?

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:45:05

human Rights Watch - july 2014

“Israel’s rhetoric is all about precision attacks but attacks with no military target and many civilian deaths can hardly be considered precise,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Recent documented cases in Gaza sadly fit Israel’s long record of unlawful airstrikes with high civilian casualties.”

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:46:24

War crime: July 2014

Human Rights Watch investigated four Israeli strikes during the July military offensive in Gaza that resulted in civilian casualties and either did not attack a legitimate military target or attacked despite the likelihood of civilian casualties being disproportionate to the military gain. Such attacks committed deliberately or recklessly constitute war crimes under the laws of war applicable to all parties. In these cases, the Israeli military has presented no information to show that it was attacking lawful military objectives or acted to minimize civilian casualties.

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:47:40

israel Policy: Human Rights Watch

Israel has wrongly claimed as a matter of policy that civilian members of Hamas or other political groups who do not have a military role are “terrorists” and therefore valid military targets, and has previously carried out hundreds of unlawful attacks on this basis. Israel has also targeted family homes of alleged members of armed groups without showing that the structure was being used for military purposes.

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:49:32

Killing of kids at beach july 2013

On July 11, an Israeli attack on the Fun Time Beach café near the city of Khan Yunis killed nine civilians, including two 15-year-old children, and wounded three, including a 13-year-old boy. An Israeli military spokesman said the attack was “targeting a terrorist” but presented no evidence that any of those at the café, who had gathered to watch a World Cup match, were participating in military operations, or that the killing of one alleged “terrorist” in a crowded café would justify the expected civilian casualties.

human rights watch.

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:52:04

(Sorry, post above should read july 2014, not 2013)
human Rights Watch July 2014 - disemboweled 9 year old girl and 2 municipal workers dead.

In another July 11 attack, an Israeli missile struck a vehicle in the Bureij refugee camp, killing the two municipal workers inside. The men were driving home in a marked municipal vehicle after clearing rubble from a road damaged in an airstrike. Their relatives said that neither man was affiliated with an armed group, and that the driver had followed the same daily routine in the same vehicle every day since July 7. The explosion blew the roof off the vehicle and partly disemboweled a 9-year-old girl and wounded her sister, 8, who were sitting in front of their home nearby. Human Rights Watch found no evidence of a military objective in the vehicle or in the area at the time.

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:53:04

human rights watch , july 2014

An Israeli airstrike on July 10 on the family home of Mohammed al-Hajj, a tailor, in the densely crowded Khan Yunis refugee camp killed seven civilian family members, including two children, and wounded more than twenty civilians. An eighth fatality, al-Hajj’s 20-year-old son, was a low-ranking member of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, residents told Human Rights Watch. The Israeli military said the attack was being investigated. Even if the son was the intended target, the nature of the attack appears indiscriminate and would in any case be disproportionate.

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:53:40

“The presence of a single, low-level fighter would hardly justify the appalling obliteration of an entire family,” Whitson said. “Israel would never accept an argument that any Israeli home of an Israel Defense Force member would be a valid military target.”

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:54:43

july 2014, human rights watch

A fourth Israeli airstrike, on July 9, killed Amal Abed Ghafour, who was 7-months pregnant, and her 1-year-old daughter, and wounded her husband and 3-year-old son. The family lived across the street from an apartment building that was struck with multiple missiles, according to witnesses. Residents of nearby homes said Israeli forces fired a small non-explosive “warning” missile at the apartment building minutes before the main missile strikes. However, the family did not know of the warning or have time to flee. Israeli officials have not said why they targeted the apartment building.

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:56:58

A brief initial statement on July 8 by the Israeli military spokesperson’s office asserted that military attacks had targeted “four homes of activists in the Hamas terror organization who are involved in terrorist activity and direct and carry out high-trajectory fire towards Israel,” without any further qualification.

In subsequent statements, the military said that its policy is to attack homes used as “command and control” centers or “terrorist infrastructure” after warning residents to leave, but has provided no information to support these vague claims.

Civilian structures such as residential homes become lawful targets only when they are being used for military purposes. While the laws of war encourage the use of effective advance warnings of attacks to minimize civilian casualties, providing warnings does not make an otherwise unlawful attack lawful.

human rights Watch 2014

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:57:51

For warnings to be effective, civilians need adequate time to leave and go to a place of safety before an attack. In several cases Human Rights Watch investigated, Israel gave warnings, but carried out the attack within five minutes or less. Given that Gaza has no bomb shelters, civilians realistically often have no place to flee.

Human Rights Watch july 2014

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 01:59:11

human rights Watch july 2014

Attacks targeting civilians or civilian property are unlawful, as are attacks that do not or cannot discriminate between civilians and combatants. Attacks intended to punish the family members of an enemy commander or fighter would also constitute unlawful collective punishment. Attacks causing the extensive destruction of property carried out unlawfully and wantonly are also prohibited.

“Warning families to flee might reduce civilian casualties but they don’t make illegal attacks any less illegal,” Whitson said. “The Israeli failure to demonstrate why attacks that are killing civilians are lawful raises serious questions as to whether these attacks are intended to target civilians or wantonly destroy civilian property.”

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 02:06:14

Serious Violations of laws of war: Human Rights Watch - Rain Of Fire.
Use of white phosphorous in Gaza 2009.

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 02:11:01

Israel's unlawful destruction of Property during Operation Cast Lead. 2010.

This 116-page report documents 12 separate cases during Operation Cast Lead in which Israeli forces extensively destroyed civilian property, including homes, factories, farms, and greenhouses, in areas under their control, without any lawful military purpose.
Human Rights Watch's investigations, which relied upon physical evidence, satellite imagery, and multiple witness accounts at each site, found no indication of nearby fighting when the destruction occurred.

human rights watch

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 02:13:56

indiscriminate attacks: Precisely Wrong. Gaza Civilians Killed by Israeli Drone-Launched Missiles

JUNE 30, 2009
This 39-page report details six incidents resulting in 29 civilian deaths, among them eight children. Human Rights Watch found that Israeli forces failed to take all feasible precautions to verify that these targets were combatants, as required by the laws of war, or that they failed to distinguish between combatants and civilians. Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups have reported a total of 42 drone attacks that killed civilians, 87 in all, during the fighting in December 2008 and January 2009.

"Precisely Wrong" is based on field research in Gaza, where Human Rights Watch researchers interviewed victims and witnesses, examined attack sites, collected missile debris for testing, and reviewed medical records. The Israel Defense Forces turned down repeated Human Rights Watch requests for a meeting and did not respond to questions submitted in writing.

Human Rights Watch

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 02:18:01

Gaza war 2012 airstrikes violated laws of war: Human Rights watch

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 02:22:51

human Rights Watch: Palestine urged to go to International Criminal Court to seek justice.

Jerusalem) – Palestine should urgently seek access to the International Criminal Court (ICC), a group of 17 Palestinian and international human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, said today.

In a letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the groups said that providing the ICC with jurisdiction could give victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by any party on or from Palestinian territory access to international justice and send a message that such crimes cannot be committed with impunity. Abbas is under pressure not to do so primarily from Israel and the United States. Some ICC member states, including the UK and France, have opposed such a move because, they say, it would undermine Israeli-Palestinian final status negotiations.

“The argument that Palestine should forego the ICC because it would harm peace talks rings hollow when 20 years of talks have brought neither peace nor justice to victims of war crimes,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “People who want to end the lack of accountability in Palestine and deter future abuse should urge President Abbas to seek access to the ICC.”

The ICC’s jurisdiction would cover serious crimes under international law committed on or from Palestinian territory, such as torture and indiscriminate attacks on civilians, whether committed by Palestinian authorities or armed groups or the Israeli military.

The ICC’s statute also classifies as a war crime the “direct or indirect” transfer of civilians by an occupying power into occupied territory – a category that would include the Israeli government’s facilitation of the transfer of its citizens into settlements. Another war crime under the statute is the “forcible transfer” of protected people in an occupied territory – in this case Palestinians – off their lands, such as by demolishing their homes and preventing them from returning.

Since Benjamin Netanyahu became Israel’s prime minister in 2009, Israel has begun construction on more than 9,480 settlement homes. Israeli demolitions during the same period left more than 4,600 Palestinians homeless. Both trends accelerated in 2013: 2,534 settlement housing starts in 2013 represented an increase of more than 220 percent over 2012, and demolitions that left 1,103 Palestinians homeless were up by almost 25 percent.
In February 2014, the International Committee for the Red Cross stopped delivering emergency shelters to Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, whose homes the Israeli military had demolished, because the Israeli military repeatedly confiscated or demolished the shelters.

Palestine could request the ICC’s jurisdiction by acceding to the court’s Rome Statute, in which case the court could exercise jurisdiction after the accession took effect. In addition, Palestine could submit a declaration accepting the court’s jurisdiction starting from any date since the ICC treaty entered into force in 2002.

Palestinian officials submitted a declaration recognizing the ICC’s jurisdiction in January 2009, but the Office of the Prosecutor later determined that the declaration “was not validly lodged” because of Palestine’s unclear status as a state at the time. Now that the UN General Assembly has upgraded Palestine to non-member state observer status, in November 2012, the ICC prosecutor has said that “the ball is now in the court of Palestine” to seek the ICC’s jurisdiction.
Abbas had pledged not to seek the ICC’s jurisdiction over Palestinian territory during nine months of US-brokered final status negotiations with Israel, which ended on April 29. On April 2, Palestine acceded to 20 international treaties and conventions, most relating to human rights and the laws of war, but not the ICC statute. In a vote on April 27, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s central council approved a list of dozens of other international treaties and bodies for future Palestinian accession, including the ICC, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“The US, Israel and others who are pressuring Palestine not to seek the ICC’s jurisdiction cannot credibly argue that continued impunity for serious international crimes will help bring the conflict to an end,” Stork said. “We call on Abbas to go to the ICC precisely because giving it a mandate in Palestine would send a much-needed message that grave crimes will have serious consequences.”

The letter was signed by:
Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association
Al Dameer Association for Human Rights
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights
Al-Quds University Human Rights Clinic

Amnesty International
Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights
Defense for Children International – Palestine
Ensan Center for Human Rights and Democracy
Human Rights Watch
Hurriyat Centre for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights

International Commission of Jurists
International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies
Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling

TanteRose Sun 20-Jul-14 02:24:18

Hi OP smile

My, you got quite a crusade going on here, doncha?
Not sure if you're going about it the right way, though.
We do discussions 'n' stuff on MN, so maybe hold off with the info, and others might be able to get a word in smile

FWIW, I agree with you but you need a blog or summat...MN might not be the right outlet here

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 02:45:06

Hi Tante, i actually dont know how else to get the message across. All these posts isnt my own words and stuff, its all from Human Rights Watch. Since no one else posted on here (until now smile ) i thought i would use it as a platform to raise awareness instead (and learn myself as i go along).

Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 02:50:52

I thought posting this sort of stuff in human rights should be ok. If not, then what d'ya suggest? Ive never blogged before!

BettyButter Sun 20-Jul-14 03:58:35

Keep posting OP, your not doing any harm and raising awareness is all good! grin apart from donating to reliefs funds and praying, what else can we do!

longtallsally2 Sun 20-Jul-14 04:02:09


Another person here who would have been interested in a discussion. We can go to Human Rights Watch and read the info for ourselves. MN is for folks to post a question or a comment, and then to listen to others views and experiences - you will find people on here who have lots of experience of life in Palestine, and others who are keen to learn (and, yes, others who think they know it all).

Suggest that you start another thread with just your OP and wait to see if others want to engage.

HTH smile

TanteRose Sun 20-Jul-14 04:29:03

Not saying that the OP should post, just maybe not in this way.

BTW there is a detailed, interesting discussion going on in this thread where this issue is being discussed extensively.

All I would say is don't just post message after message of links, is all

TanteRose Sun 20-Jul-14 04:29:38


Yruapita Sun 20-Jul-14 14:49:03

longtallsally i posted my OP and because i ddnt get any responses for a week, i thought i should make it an info point instead.

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