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Can anyone recommend a good toilet brush or a way to clean up and under?

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mumo3g Sat 21-Apr-12 00:21:12

I was cleaning the toilet today as you do and realised that the bit that is up and under the rim of the toilet hasn't been cleaned properly. My brush is the (excuss the pun) bog standerd type. The round sort.

I feel this is a bad design as really I only use one side of the brush. There is nothing to get up and under to get it cleaned properly.

Also what do you think the best way to clean a loo is? currently I use toilet cleaner wipes, toilet duck and a harpic tablet but it doesn't get it really clean. (its used for business purposes so I want it to look as clean as poss)

CuttedUpPear Sat 21-Apr-12 08:14:48

Watching with interest...

Iggly Sat 21-Apr-12 08:18:15

Rubber gloves and elbow grease?

Pop some bleach around the toilet, making sure the noozle goes up the rim, do it regularly and leave it for a bit then scrub.

Use limescale remover too every week.

Vajazzler Sat 21-Apr-12 08:21:07

I use one of these. Works really well.

BertieBotts Sat 21-Apr-12 08:22:28

I am also lurking... we have a really ancient toilet which try as I might I can't remove all of the brown layer under the waterline sad Would love some kind of tool to clean it because all I can think when sitting close trying to scrub it is "Yuk, how many people have used this??"

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Sat 21-Apr-12 08:23:34

What Iggly says! Nothing else really works

CuttedUpPear Sat 21-Apr-12 08:24:26

Bertie...I refer you to any one of the many vinegar threads on here about cleaning brown limescale off the bowl. It really works.

Vajazzler Sat 21-Apr-12 08:25:54

Bertie i had a manky old toilet in our old rented house. The way i got it clean was to push all the water past the u bend with the toilet brush then i used harpic power plus liquid on it. It clings really well especially when it doesnt get diluted by the water. Leave it a while and scrub.

BertieBotts Sat 21-Apr-12 08:43:59

You can push the water past the u-bend? confused

Thanks for the tips smile I'll have to get a toilet brush, for a start...

helen1983sweetpea Sat 21-Apr-12 08:51:32

Like CuttedUpPear said, vinegar is what you need for the yucky stuff under the rim, and unfortunately you probably will need to get down on your knees and scrub with your hands (wearing gloves obviously). It does work though!! Oh and don't use a metal scourer - it scratches the toilet bowl. Once its removed regular cleaning should keep it looking clean. I use harpic powerplus, which shifts limescale, once a week when doing a big bathroom clean - a squirt under the rim making sure its all covered then i leave it while i do the rest of the bathroom then come back to it last and sweep around with the brush and flush. Then every couple of days or so in between before i jump in the shower in the morning i squirt some chlorine bleach (domestos at the moment) and then flush away after i jump out the shower just to keep on top of any germs.

BertieBotts Sat 21-Apr-12 08:52:21

How much vinegar?

helen1983sweetpea Sat 21-Apr-12 08:56:28

I would just pour some vineger in a separate bowl and dab an old washing up sponge in it to rub up under the rim until its all gone. Its thin stuff anyway so theres no point in aiming it around the loo.

Vajazzler Sat 21-Apr-12 08:58:49

Yes you can push water past the u bend! Use the toilet brush a bit like a plunger and just keep pushing it down to the bottom of the toilet!

CrustyOnion Sun 22-Apr-12 11:09:26

I put a hefty couple of spoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda down the loo, then a good slosh of vinegar. I like to watch the chemical reaction grin and it leaves the toilet sparkling clean.

I also bought a loo brushes I'm the Flylady website because it had a sticky up brush to get under the rim. As friends have pointed out, it does look like a giant scary sex toy - made of purple rubber with odd tickly bits....

CrustyOnion Sun 22-Apr-12 11:10:29

*brush from

Not brushes I'm. Bloody autocorrect.

Lilymaid Sun 22-Apr-12 11:33:05

If all else fails try Spirits of Salts. Very potent but nasty stuff so follow safety instructions!

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