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Has anyone got a super king duvet on a king size bed?

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Karbea Mon 27-Feb-12 18:57:20

I have this idea, and I'm not sure if it'll look good or really silly...

Eggrules Mon 27-Feb-12 18:58:46

It looks fine. Got a fab feather supersize duvet in the John Lewis sale last year.

ChasingSquirrels Mon 27-Feb-12 18:58:59

yes (well not me but DP), doesn't look silly at all.
I have a king duvet on a double bed - same concept really.

Karbea Mon 27-Feb-12 19:03:23

Cool, I thought it would look nice as it'll hang down the sides more, glad to hear it'll look ok smile


SneakyBiscuitEater Mon 27-Feb-12 19:50:11

We have an Emperor size duvet on a continental superking bed grin all the better for co-sleeping.

If you have more than one person sharing a bed you should always have the duvet a size bigger IMHO. (I created this rule when sharing a single bed but double duvet many years ago with my now DH in the Halls of Residence.)

AllPastYears Mon 27-Feb-12 20:01:21

We have a king size duvet on a double bed. Got it when we started co-sleeping with DD and there wasn't enough duvet to go round. Doesn't look silly at all smile.

bamboobutton Mon 27-Feb-12 20:04:43

i have an SK duvet on a double. i like to sleep with the blanket all bunched up so i can hug it and tuck it between my legs.

it looks fine as i fold the duvet edges under.

WaitingForMe Tue 28-Feb-12 11:17:51

Growing up I had a bed that was between a single and a double so had a double duvet. I wasn't bothered about losing bed space when I went to Uni but insisted on taking my big duvet.

When DH left his wife (we were friends then) I told him to get a kingsize for his double bed as this would be the most luxurious thing he could do for himself on the tiny furniture budget he had. I'm evangelical about it blush

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 28-Feb-12 11:24:05

I have kingsize on double bed, same concept.

lynlynnicebutdim Tue 28-Feb-12 13:37:32

we have a super king duvet on a king bed. DH is a duvet hog and this helps me not murder him in the night.

imnotmymum Tue 28-Feb-12 13:38:27

Yep the bigger the better on my bed !!

HettyKett Tue 28-Feb-12 13:41:27

IMHO the duvet needs to be a good size or two bigger than the bed to work. We have a super king size on our double and it still seems a bit small sometimes. DD has a double duvet on her single bed. Ideal.

Jacaqueen Tue 28-Feb-12 16:03:42

I always go up a bed size when buying a duvet.

Double on a single bed
Kingsize on a double bed
Superking on a king bed

The childred hate it when we go away and they have a single duvet.

SoTiredoftheWheelsontheBus Tue 28-Feb-12 17:06:19

we have a king size duvet on a double bed. we started this for the extra warmth when living in Scotland in a flat with no central heating

wildstrawberryplace Tue 28-Feb-12 17:19:59

Yep, looks fine. No fighting over the duvet, plus it is long enough that very tall DH's toes don't stick out of the bottom as happens with a mere kingsize duvet.

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